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Bernd Heinrich
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author spends Christmas with whom in "December 25"?
(a) The ravens.
(b) His family.
(c) His neighbors.
(d) The squirrels.

2. The author dissects the cocoon and discovers a great deal about _____________.
(a) The moth's development in the cocoon and his escape.
(b) The butterfly's development in the cocoon and his escape.
(c) The beetle's development in the cocoon and his escape.
(d) The fly's development in the cocoon and his escape.

3. The author decides to make maple syrup with whom?
(a) His son.
(b) His students.
(c) His neighbor.
(d) His wife.

4. The author notes the changing seasons and decides his favorite season is ____________.
(a) Summer.
(b) Spring.
(c) Always the current one.
(d) Fall.

5. When the author goes for a walk in his snowshoes, what does he observe?
(a) The tracks of ravens.
(b) The tracks of bears.
(c) The tracks of deer.
(d) The tracks of many different animals.

6. The author stumbles upon _________ moose.
(a) Three.
(b) Two.
(c) Five.
(d) Four.

7. According to the author, where do the most successful nest builders place their nests?
(a) On his roof.
(b) In high trees.
(c) In the most unlikely places.
(d) Near the ground.

8. The author notes how perceptive the ravens are to _____________.
(a) Appearances.
(b) Sounds.
(c) Smells.
(d) Tastes.

9. The author cooks mice for the students. How do they feel about eating mouse?
(a) They are disgusted by it.
(b) They enjoy it.
(c) They are annoyed by it.
(d) They are made ill by it.

10. In "January 20 Coyotes," what is the man, which the author just happens upon, doing?
(a) Hunting deer.
(b) Trying to find his way home.
(c) Chasing and killing coyotes with his dogs.
(d) Fishing.

11. At the end of the section, where is the author when he encounters a deer?
(a) Sitting outside his cabin.
(b) Hiking the trails.
(c) Up in his tree.
(d) Going for a run.

12. Why did the author have an easy time seeing the tracks of various animals?
(a) The ground was very muddy.
(b) He had binoculars.
(c) A thick blanket of snow had fallen the night before.
(d) He was laying on the ground.

13. Why does the author make a trip in "December 4"?
(a) To visit friends.
(b) He is bored.
(c) To see his son, Stuart.
(d) To buy more supplies.

14. What is the mood of the people as they stock up for a big storm in "March 13 Storm Warnings"?
(a) Great.
(b) Anxious.
(c) Preoccupied.
(d) Angry.

15. The author and his neighbor _________ go ice fishing in "April 3 Ice Fishing."
(a) Bob.
(b) Joe.
(c) Jerry.
(d) Bill.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what chapter does the author note how many activities and responsibilities he has taken on?

2. The author describes the awakening life in what chapter?

3. In "April 2 Dreams," the author remembers a couple of dreams from how long ago?

4. What happens when the author comes down from the tree and onto the ground?

5. What does the author see the squirrels licking?

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