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Bernd Heinrich
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "April 21," the author and Stuart, his son, take ___________.
(a) A vacation.
(b) A drawing course together.
(c) A swim in the river.
(d) A walk in the woods.

2. Whom does the author ask to go fishing with him in "May 4 Smelting"?
(a) Jerry.
(b) Bob.
(c) Joe.
(d) Bill.

3. What kind of fish does the author consider the perch to be?
(a) Rare fish.
(b) Good fish.
(c) Trash fish.
(d) Expensive fish.

4. The author decides to make maple syrup with whom?
(a) His wife.
(b) His students.
(c) His neighbor.
(d) His son.

5. What does the author do before cooking and eating the fish that he and his neighbor catch?
(a) He studies them.
(b) He tests them for disease.
(c) He dissects them.
(d) He sketches them.

6. The author notes how perceptive the ravens are to _____________.
(a) Sounds.
(b) Tastes.
(c) Smells.
(d) Appearances.

7. In "Excursions," what creatures are endangered because of high quantities of mercury and PCB in the water?
(a) Sea gulls.
(b) Bald eagles.
(c) Blue herons.
(d) Coyotes.

8. When the author goes for a walk in his snowshoes, what does he observe?
(a) The tracks of ravens.
(b) The tracks of deer.
(c) The tracks of bears.
(d) The tracks of many different animals.

9. In "March 30 Cocoons," the author finds an old cocoon from _________.
(a) A beetle.
(b) A fly.
(c) A butterfly.
(d) A moth.

10. The author dissects the cocoon and discovers a great deal about _____________.
(a) The beetle's development in the cocoon and his escape.
(b) The moth's development in the cocoon and his escape.
(c) The butterfly's development in the cocoon and his escape.
(d) The fly's development in the cocoon and his escape.

11. The author spends Christmas with whom in "December 25"?
(a) His family.
(b) The squirrels.
(c) The ravens.
(d) His neighbors.

12. In what chapter does it rain all day?
(a) "April 11."
(b) "April 26."
(c) "April 20."
(d) "April 30."

13. What holiday is "February 2"?
(a) Groundhog Day.
(b) Martin Luther King Day.
(c) President's Day.
(d) Boxing Day.

14. In the section "May 7," the author observes a few more nesting birds and notes their mating rituals are starting to _______.
(a) Begin.
(b) End.
(c) Be renewed.
(d) Increase.

15. In the stump of an old __________ the author finds many wide, deep grub holes.
(a) Maple.
(b) Poplar.
(c) Pine.
(d) Oak.

Short Answer Questions

1. The farmer also sells some_________ here and there to make money.

2. In "March 14 After the Storm," why does the author go into town again?

3. For what sound does the author still listen intently?

4. After thinking about some bizarre encounters that he recently had with the logging company, what does the author decide?

5. In "January 31," the author must deal with extreme cold weather as well as the return of _______.

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