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Bernd Heinrich
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the author, where do the most successful nest builders place their nests?
(a) Near the ground.
(b) In high trees.
(c) In the most unlikely places.
(d) On his roof.

2. In "Excursions," what creatures are endangered because of high quantities of mercury and PCB in the water?
(a) Blue herons.
(b) Bald eagles.
(c) Sea gulls.
(d) Coyotes.

3. Why might the squirrels be biting down into the bark?
(a) To eat the bark.
(b) To allow the sap to escape.
(c) To drill a hole in the bark to make a nest.
(d) To catch bugs in the bark.

4. What does the author do before cooking and eating the fish that he and his neighbor catch?
(a) He studies them.
(b) He sketches them.
(c) He dissects them.
(d) He tests them for disease.

5. The author cooks mice for the students. How do they feel about eating mouse?
(a) They are made ill by it.
(b) They enjoy it.
(c) They are annoyed by it.
(d) They are disgusted by it.

6. According to the farmer, how do most people use the dead calves?
(a) To bait coyotes.
(b) To feed cattle.
(c) To bait bears.
(d) To feed ravens.

7. Where does the author take a trip to in "May 2"?
(a) To New York City.
(b) To town.
(c) To Vermont.
(d) To Bog Stream.

8. The author also writes about the miniature plants left over from _________that make their homes close to the ground?
(a) The previous owner of the cabin.
(b) Previous generations of settlers.
(c) A couple of centuries ago.
(d) Previous ice ages.

9. How does the sample surprise the author?
(a) How much life is down there.
(b) How many dangerous organisms live there.
(c) How dirty the water was.
(d) How much pollution accompanied those organisms.

10. In "January 31," the author must deal with extreme cold weather as well as the return of _______.
(a) The ravens.
(b) The deer.
(c) The flies.
(d) The mice.

11. In "April 8," what does the author check out on a dairy farm?
(a) The dairy products made there.
(b) The farm's machinery.
(c) A cow.
(d) A raven's nest.

12. What does the author begin in "March 23"?
(a) The squirrel hunt.
(b) The squirrel observations.
(c) The sugar-making operation.
(d) The syrup-making operation.

13. What kind of fish does the author consider the perch to be?
(a) Good fish.
(b) Trash fish.
(c) Expensive fish.
(d) Rare fish.

14. The author and his neighbor _________ go ice fishing in "April 3 Ice Fishing."
(a) Joe.
(b) Bill.
(c) Jerry.
(d) Bob.

15. The author finds a female _______________ near his cabin and follows her on her search for food.
(a) Hummingbird.
(b) Bumblebee.
(c) Frog.
(d) Squirrel.

Short Answer Questions

1. The author is quite proud about __________.

2. In "April 2 Dreams," the author remembers a couple of dreams from how long ago?

3. In "December 21," the author discovers that a local squirrel has stashed __________ all along the path.

4. Where are the students who arrive in "December 29 Winter Ecology" from?

5. In the stump of an old __________ the author finds many wide, deep grub holes.

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