A Year in the Maine Woods Quiz | Eight Week Quiz D

Bernd Heinrich
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through October 14 To Find Small Caterpillars, Burning Wood, Scents and Sounds, Trees, October 26-30, Election Time, November 8-9 Jack?, The Moon, Habits and Hunts.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the author notice about the plants in the shade?
(a) They grow faster and always flower.
(b) They are larger than those in sunlight.
(c) They grow slower and sometimes never flower.
(d) They are lighter in color than those in sunlight.

2. On what does the author base his conclusions?
(a) On his assumptions.
(b) On previously discovered scientific evidence.
(c) On his observations.
(d) On his experiments.

3. During a ________, the author notices that most of the trees turn from green to yellow.
(a) Bike ride.
(b) Walk.
(c) Hike.
(d) Run.

4. In "Jack," what details are given about the author?
(a) The author's relationship with a young deer.
(b) The author's relationship with his neighbor.
(c) The author's relationship with the raven he captured when it was a baby.
(d) The author's relationship with his son.

5. In the section "Scents and Sounds," to what does the author listen?
(a) The sounds of the afternoon.
(b) The sounds of the evening.
(c) The sounds of the night.
(d) The sounds of the morning.

Short Answer Questions

1. The author writes about the delicate relationship between _________.

2. When they first arrive at the cabin, who depends on the author for his food and his companionship?

3. During the author's run, what does he notice?

4. "The Time of Birdsong" describes the author's all-day observations of __________.

5. In "Trees," the author writes about using trees as _______.

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