A Year in the Maine Woods Quiz | Eight Week Quiz D

Bernd Heinrich
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through October 14 To Find Small Caterpillars, Burning Wood, Scents and Sounds, Trees, October 26-30, Election Time, November 8-9 Jack?, The Moon, Habits and Hunts.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During his daily_______, the author sees a web of many tiny caterpillars all flashing together in unison from side to side.
(a) Hike.
(b) Bike ride.
(c) Walk.
(d) Run.

2. Do they spot deer?
(a) No.
(b) Yes, but only a few.
(c) Yes, many.
(d) Yes, but only one.

3. One raven flies close to the author, circles away, and then comes back. At this point, what is the author wondering about?
(a) If it is curious about him.
(b) If the raven does not like him.
(c) If the raven is scared of him.
(d) If it is his friend Jack.

4. What is "October 10 Home Chores" about?
(a) The author's chores.
(b) The author's family.
(c) The author's peculiar style of living in the cabin.
(d) The author's records of his experiences.

5. What does the author notice about the plants in the shade?
(a) They are larger than those in sunlight.
(b) They are lighter in color than those in sunlight.
(c) They grow faster and always flower.
(d) They grow slower and sometimes never flower.

Short Answer Questions

1. What caused the animals in the region to change?

2. On what does the author base his conclusions?

3. What does "Adams Hill" describe?

4. The families have lived in the area since _________, and the author is a friend of the descendants of those first settlers.

5. After a few weeks, what does Jack learn to do on his own?

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