A Year in the Maine Woods Quiz | Eight Week Quiz C

Bernd Heinrich
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through September 23-26 The Garden, September 27 Starting a Sugar Shack, October 1 The Foliage, October 3 The Rendevous, October 6 Cherry Hill Drive, October 7 Housemates, October 8 Moose, October 10 Home Chores, October 11-13, Flying Samaras and Consciousness.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When they first arrive at the cabin, who depends on the author for his food and his companionship?
(a) The son.
(b) The deer.
(c) The neighbor.
(d) The raven.

2. In "Beginnings," the author tells us that he has what kind of contact with the outside world?
(a) A telephone in his bedroom.
(b) A telephone in the neighbor's outhouse.
(c) A walkie-talkie.
(d) A cell phone.

3. The logging company uses dangerous ________________ to get rid of the trees.
(a) Felling tools.
(b) Small explosions..
(c) Poisonous sprays.
(d) Large chainsaws.

4. In the section "Flying Samaras and Consciousness," the author writes about the little rotary seeds of the ____________ tree known as samaras.
(a) Pine.
(b) Oak.
(c) Maple.
(d) Poplar.

5. What does Stuart win?
(a) A pumpkin.
(b) A horse.
(c) A painting.
(d) A pig.

Short Answer Questions

1. The author watches in fascination as _______________.

2. During a ________, the author notices that most of the trees turn from green to yellow.

3. After running in "September 27 Starting a Sugar Shack," how does the author feel?

4. While the author is working on building the new outhouse, what must he make a trip into town to get?

5. The author observes a pair of swallows in a nest by his cabin and how quickly they move on with their lives when ____________.

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