A Year in the Maine Woods Quiz | Four Week Quiz B

Bernd Heinrich
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through March 30 Cocoons, March 31, April 2 Dreams, April 3 Ice Fishing, April 4 Returns, April 8, April 11, April 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the author and his son doing as the section "August 30" begins?
(a) Hiking.
(b) Fishing.
(c) Picking blackberries.
(d) Singing.

2. The author spends Christmas with whom in "December 25"?
(a) The ravens.
(b) The squirrels.
(c) His neighbors.
(d) His family.

3. Where do the author and his son go In "Early September"?
(a) The county fair.
(b) The art fair.
(c) The farmer's market.
(d) The state fair.

4. In "April 2 Dreams," the author remembers a couple of dreams from how long ago?
(a) Nights before.
(b) Hours before.
(c) Years before.
(d) Decades before.

5. "October 3 The Annual Rendezvous" is about __________________.
(a) A faculty meeting held for all college professors.
(b) A dinner meeting the author holds every year for his colleagues.
(c) A party that the author hosts up on the mountain every year.
(d) A party the author attends every year.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Habits and Hunts," what has the author given up?

2. What does the section "August 4 Wanderers" describe?

3. The author and his son plant a ______ oak near the cabin.

4. In "September 13," how many miles does the author run as he observes caterpillars, ravens, and flies along the way?

5. According to the farmer, how do most people use the dead calves?

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