Objects & Places from A Year in the Maine Woods

Bernd Heinrich
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Lichen and Moss

These are organisms that can grow almost anywhere. They can survive in any type of climate because they are completely self-contained.


These are wetlands where there is water on the surface and a thick layer of dead plant material underneath. The author visits several different ones near and far from his cabin in the book.


These are people who try to disrupt human exploitation of the environment.

The Diner

The author goes here when he needs some light-hearted conversation and some companionship.


Throughout the winter, while several of these occur, the author ventures out to see the woods and the animals.

The Cabin

This belongs to the author, and it is built at the top of Adams Hill in the Maine woods.


The author writes frequently about these belonging to the maple, ash, and beech trees. He is interested in the...

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