Daily Lessons for Teaching A Year in the Maine Woods

Bernd Heinrich
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Lesson 1

Objective: In Summer, A Traveling Companion, Adams Hill, Beginnings, Scrap Lumber, The Time of Bird Song, the author begins his year in the Main woods. This lesson will discuss "Summer," "A Traveling Companion," and "Adams Hill."

1) Class Discussion: Summarize "Summer," "A Traveling Companion," and "Adam's Hill."

2) Small Group Activity: What is the purpose of each of these chapters? How do they prepare the reader for the rest of the book? What important details exist in these chapters? What is learned about the author through these chapters? How might these chapters be important to the book as a whole?

3) Class Discussion: Discuss the students' responses. Create a KWL chart for the author, listing what the students know about the author and what they want to know about him. As the students read the book have them add what they have learned about the author. How are these chapters...

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