A Year in the Maine Woods Fun Activities

Bernd Heinrich
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First Families

Research the first families who founded your community. Write a one-page paper on your findings.

Simplify Your Life

Spend one day without several modern conveniences, such as a cell phone, ipod, television, or radio. Write an essay reflecting on that day and how you felt without these various forms of technology.

Agriculture in Your Area

Bring in a farmer as a guest speaker to share information with the class about farming in your community.

Bird Research

Research a bird that is native to your region. What does it look like? What does it eat? Describe its habitat and habits. Share your findings in a five-minute presentation.

Zoo Field Trip

Take a field trip to a local zoo to study various animal species' habitats, characteristics, and behaviors. Write an essay reflecting your day at the zoo and your findings.

Park Ranger

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