A Year in the Maine Woods Character Descriptions

Bernd Heinrich
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The Author - This is the principal character. He is a Professor of Zoology at the University of Vermont.

Jack - This character is a raven that the author captures at the beginning of the book.

Stuart - This character is the author's nine-year-old son.

The Adams - They are the family that originally settled in the area around the author's cabin.

Ron and Syndi - These characters are the author's neighbors who live at the bottom of the hill.

The author's father - The author talks about this person in memories.

Erica - This is the author's college-age daughter who attends the University of Vermont. She visits him at the cabin occasionally.

The Winter Ecology Class - A group of about a dozen students comes up to the cabin in late December for this.

Maple Tree - The author marks the changing of the seasons with...

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