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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Jake learn Wanda Womack lives with?
(a) Willie Hastings.
(b) Clyde Sisco.
(c) Percy Bullard.
(d) Mack Loyd Crowell.

2. Where does Deputy Nesbit take Ellen to sleep the night before the trial opens?
(a) The Clanton Inn.
(b) She stays at Jakes office suite.
(c) The Sheriff's Departmment.
(d) Lucien's.

3. Who has previously witnessed a KKK march in Clanton?
(a) Only some very elderly.
(b) One march in the very early 60's.
(c) No one now alive.
(d) Those alive in the 30's.

4. On Saturday morning following the shooting attack he survived, Jake surmises that both Lucien and Bass were drunk yesterday and driven home by Deputy Nesbit, and while he drinks a Bloody Mary, Jake prays what?
(a) That nothing worse takes place.
(b) That Carl Lee can get off.
(c) That Dr. Bass is sober for court.
(d) That his motion for a mistrial will be accepted.

5. What does Wanda Womack ask the jury panel to consider to convince them to rule not guilty by reason of insanity?
(a) Consider their reaction if their daughter was attacked and beaten.
(b) Imagine Tonya as a white girl attacked by two drunk black men.
(c) Consider true justice for a father, not the legal system.
(d) Consider what the crowd outside will do if he is found guilty.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Jake has Ellen focus on Dr. Wilbert Rodeheaver, the state's mental expert, he asks her to center on cases where acquittals resulted because he suspects what?

2. How does Carla learn about the all-white jurors in the case?

3. On Monday morning, Clanton is in "trial mode" as the Klan is happy having burned down Jake's home and what else?

4. On the evening before the trial begins, Ellen arrives at Jake's office suite carrying a thick, professional brief regarding the rape admissibility issue and begins to do what?

5. Back at his office, what does Jake drink while his friends drink margaritas?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Jake requests a change of venue from Judge Noose following the riot and cross-burnings?

2. What does Jake do on the balcony of his office after he returns from the Coffee Shop on the day the jurors deliver their verdict?

3. Why is Lucien able to draw thousands of black residents from northern Mississippi to Clanton to demonstrate on behalf of Carl Lee?

4. What happens on the Saturday morning when "Mickey Mouse" tips Ozzie the Klan plan a multi-state retaliation for the Thursday riot?

5. How does Grisham depict Jake's response to the soldier who is seriously injured for protecting him?

6. What does the reader learn was key to the jury being swayed to finding an innocent by reason of insanity verdict?

7. What issues did Lucien face in bringing thousands of black protesters to Clanton?

8. What offer does Lucien make to Jake regarding the jury that he objects to?

9. How is Jake's closing argument indicative of it being his finest hour?

10. Why is Jake essentially lost in court the day he returned after being shot at?

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