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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the jury is impaneled, Jake, Harry Rex, and Ellen are in agreement about what?
(a) Things do not look well.
(b) It is not as bad as was expected.
(c) It is much better than expected.
(d) They are uncertain about some of the members.

2. Looking out a window at the black protesters, Barry Acker realizes a guilty verdict will bring a riot and what will transpire?
(a) They will be not be injured.
(b) They will make it out of town with the help of additional National Guard troops.
(c) They will not reach the bus safely.
(d) They will reach the vans safely.

3. During the closing statement to the jury, what does Jake say that must be withdrawn?
(a) In Carl Lee's shoes, Jake would blow Cobb's and Willard's heads off.
(b) A murder victim is released, and a rape victim deals with it the rest of her life.
(c) A child cannot understand the reason for the attack.
(d) Tonya will never bear children.

4. When the word gets out that the jury is ready, what does Reverend Agee do with the demonstrators?
(a) Attempts to calm the demonstrators with no success.
(b) He calms them to order, and has them pray for an acquittal.
(c) Calls them to order, and has them sing "We Shall Overcome" calmly.
(d) Stirs the demonstrators, and has them chant "Free Carl Lee."

5. What is Lucien's advice to Jake regarding fear?
(a) Jake has prepared well, and so he need not worry.
(b) Put it out of his mind and concentrate on legal matters.
(c) Take a healty shot of bourbon to calm his nerves.
(d) He should welcome it, as jurors are afraid as well.

Short Answer Questions

1. Buckley's opening statement runs an hour and a half, and Jake's opening is how long?

2. Ministers start a parade of black protesters behind a fifteen-foot banner that reads what?

3. Where do Lucien, Harry Rex, and Jake go after talking with Wanda Womack and Mack Loyd Crowell?

4. When Murphy, the janitor, is called as a witness of the state on the afternoon of the fourth day, it is a gut-wrenching ordeal for what reason?

5. What does Wanda Womack ask the jury panel to consider to convince them to rule not guilty by reason of insanity?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the jurors feel more incarcerated than safe?

2. What does the reader learn was key to the jury being swayed to finding an innocent by reason of insanity verdict?

3. Why is Jake essentially lost in court the day he returned after being shot at?

4. How do Harry Rex's pickup and Jake's Saab reflect more than a matter of taste, but of personality?

5. What happens when Jake requests a change of venue from Judge Noose following the riot and cross-burnings?

6. What happens on the Saturday morning when "Mickey Mouse" tips Ozzie the Klan plan a multi-state retaliation for the Thursday riot?

7. What does Jake do on the balcony of his office after he returns from the Coffee Shop on the day the jurors deliver their verdict?

8. What offer does Lucien make to Jake regarding the jury that he objects to?

9. What transpires when Jake requests a change of venue in chambers on Monday, the first day of court?

10. Why is Lucien able to draw thousands of black residents from northern Mississippi to Clanton to demonstrate on behalf of Carl Lee?

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