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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sheriff Walls testify during the change of venue hearing?
(a) The majority of Ford County citizens know all the rape and murder facts, and have their minds made up.
(b) Virtually all Ford County citizens don't know all the rape and murder facts, but have their minds made up.
(c) There are not 12 Ford County citizens that don't have all the rape and murder facts, and their minds are made up.
(d) Most Ford County citizens know most of the rape and murder facts, and have not made their minds up.

2. How does Carl Lee compare killing the white men who raped his daughter with killing the "gooks" in Vietnam?
(a) He feels worse about the killing in Mississippi.
(b) He feels killing both situations were equally necessary.
(c) He feels worse about the killing in Vietnam.
(d) He regrets the killing in Clanton.

3. What does Tonya, who suffers from endless nightmares and is certain that her attackers are after her, insist on?
(a) That her mother sleep with her, and her brothers sleep outside her bedroom door.
(b) That Deputy Willie Hastings, Tonya's uncle, sit under her bedroom window.
(c) That every light in the home stay on all night, and her brothers sleep outside her door.
(d) That one of her brothers sleep outside her bedroom, and the other sit under her window.

4. What does Carl Lee Hailey feel his chances are, now that he has been arrested and charged with two counts of murder?
(a) He is not as confident as Jake Briance was on TV.
(b) He is moderately confident, never hoping for too much.
(c) He is confident Jake Brigance will get him off, as he did his brother.
(d) Hoping, but not expecting much in a predominantly white community.

5. How much has Jake been paid by Lester Hailey prior to the indictment?
(a) $750.
(b) $900.
(c) $550.
(d) $1,000.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the temperature at Reverend Agee's rally?

2. Who is Jake's favorite waitress at the Coffee Shop?

3. What are the six capital defense attorneys of the NAACP known as?

4. When interviewed by TV journalists the day before Carl Lee's preliminary hearing, what does Jake tell them a Mississippi jury has as options when trying capital murder?

5. When Bo Marsharfsky calls requesting Jake to be his local associate, what is his response?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does Billy Ray Cobb's brother, Freddie, approach in seeking revenge, and what is the result?

2. How are the key characters depicted as selfish and self-centered in Chapter 24?

3. Despite Jake's seeking a change of venue again, what are the reasons Jake would prefer the trial continue in Ford County?

4. What does the reader learn in the dialogue between Carl Lee Hailey and Jake Brigance in Chapter 4?

5. How does John Grisham depict the events taking place in Clanton as carnival-like?

6. Why is Carl Lee reluctant to rehire Jake?

7. What sort of an attorney is Harry Rex Vonner?

8. What is Ellen Roark's response to Jake when he quizzes her on her credentials?

9. How does K.T. "Cat" Bruster's view of truth and justice compare with Carl Lee's?

10. Why does a convoy of buses enter Clanton?

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