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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Reverend Agee spend his time during the trial?
(a) Giving sermons outside court.
(b) Running demonstrations.
(c) Split between being seated in the row behind the Hailey's, and running demonstrations.
(d) Seated behind Hailey's.

2. Who is wounded when Jake is escorted from his office to the courthouse on Friday morning, the fifth day?
(a) Ozzie.
(b) A National Guardsman.
(c) Jake.
(d) Deputy Nesbit.

3. When the word gets out that the jury is ready, what does Reverend Agee do with the demonstrators?
(a) Stirs the demonstrators, and has them chant "Free Carl Lee."
(b) Attempts to calm the demonstrators with no success.
(c) Calls them to order, and has them sing "We Shall Overcome" calmly.
(d) He calms them to order, and has them pray for an acquittal.

4. Although Jake wished he had not worn ostrich skin boots, Lucien argues what?
(a) The boots went well with Bass's suit
(b) Ostrich skin boots reflected style.
(c) The jury would relate to boots.
(d) The boots were expensive and showed class.

5. Who has previously witnessed a KKK march in Clanton?
(a) One march in the very early 60's.
(b) Those alive in the 30's.
(c) No one now alive.
(d) Only some very elderly.

6. When Lucien gets the opportunity to discuss Sisco's offer with Jake, what does he state the cost will be?
(a) $250,000 for a hung jury, $500,000 for an acquital.
(b) $25,000 for a hung jury, $50,000 for an acquittal.
(c) $2,500 for a hung jury, $5,000 for an acquittal.
(d) $50,000 for an acquittal is the only offer.

7. At one point, talk amongst the jurors gradually leads toward a guilty verdict, based essentially on what?
(a) Carl Lee's six days of planning and premeditation.
(b) Carl Lee had an option to await the outcome of Cobb's and Willard's trial.
(c) Carl Lee having used an illegal firearm.
(d) Rape being worthy of life, but not death.

8. Back at his office, what does Jake drink while his friends drink margaritas?
(a) Margaritas.
(b) Coffee.
(c) Bourbon.
(d) Vodka.

9. While Jake and Ellen are working on various issues of the case, whom do they invite to join them on the balcony of the law office?
(a) Harry Rex.
(b) Lucien.
(c) Deputy Nesbit.
(d) Ozzie Walls.

10. During the night of the second trial date, Stump Sisson dies, bringing the number of deaths related to Tonya's rape to how many?
(a) 3.
(b) 4.
(c) 6.
(d) 5.

11. On Monday, during the fifteen minute recess after Rodeheaver's testimony, Jake runs up to the law library where Harry Rex is already, and he assures Jake of what?
(a) Only the Oxford paper mentioned Ellen's attack, and not her name.
(b) He reviewed the statutes and feels Jake has a good chance at appealing.
(c) No paper has mentioned his house fire, only Ellen's attack and no name.
(d) No paper has mentioned his house fire or Ellen's attack.

12. In questioning jurors individually in chambers as to their position on the death penalty, one black male lies and is allowed to remain, and he later does what?
(a) Advises other blacks what they will be asked and how to answer.
(b) Tells women what to say to get off the jury.
(c) Tells them what to say if they want to get off.
(d) Advises others he is not allowed to tell about the questioning.

13. Who aids Ellen following her plight?
(a) Ozzie.
(b) "Mickey Mouse."
(c) Deputy Nesbitt.
(d) Jake.

14. What is Clyde Sisco's price?
(a) $500,000.
(b) $50,000.
(c) $500.
(d) $5,000

15. On Friday, day five of the trial, Ozzie and Deputy Nesbit wake Jake before 5:00 a.m. to inform him "Mickey Mouse" has reported what?
(a) The Klan plan again to blow up Jake's home.
(b) The Klan plan to kill Jake on the day of Stump Sisson's funeral.
(c) The Klan plan to bomb his office.
(d) The Klan plan to shoot him and Carl Lee in court today.

Short Answer Questions

1. What questions does Jake ask of Cobb's and Willard's respective mothers during cross-examination?

2. Given the National Guard activity the day prior to the trial opening, Jake advises Ellen he will be forced to renew his plea for change of venue, ask for a mistrial, and then be certain of what?

3. How does Carla learn about the all-white jurors in the case?

4. When the jurors arrive the next morning for further deliberation, how are they taken from the bus to the courthouse?

5. What is the jury's decision?

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