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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is wounded when Jake is escorted from his office to the courthouse on Friday morning, the fifth day?
(a) Jake.
(b) A National Guardsman.
(c) Deputy Nesbit.
(d) Ozzie.

2. When the trial resumes following the brief recess, why does Jake decline to question Rodeheaver?
(a) He has never won an argument with an expert.
(b) He has only once won an argument with an expert.
(c) He often wins arguments with experts, but is not confident this time.
(d) He rarely wins arguments with experts.

3. Some of the patrons in the Coffee Shop speculate what about a reporter from the Channel 4 News?
(a) If she will report anything positive about Clanton.
(b) The source of her information.
(c) The makeup she is wearing.
(d) Where she received her training.

4. When the word gets out that the jury is ready, what does Reverend Agee do with the demonstrators?
(a) Stirs the demonstrators, and has them chant "Free Carl Lee."
(b) He calms them to order, and has them pray for an acquittal.
(c) Calls them to order, and has them sing "We Shall Overcome" calmly.
(d) Attempts to calm the demonstrators with no success.

5. Where does Deputy Nesbit take Ellen to sleep the night before the trial opens?
(a) The Clanton Inn.
(b) The Sheriff's Departmment.
(c) She stays at Jakes office suite.
(d) Lucien's.

6. Who does Jake learn Wanda Womack lives with?
(a) Percy Bullard.
(b) Clyde Sisco.
(c) Mack Loyd Crowell.
(d) Willie Hastings.

7. What happens to Ellen on her way to Oxford on the evening of the shooting?
(a) She is pulled over by a vehicle with flashing blue lights.
(b) She has a motor vehicle accident.
(c) She is intentionally run off the road by a sedan.
(d) She is intentionally run off the road by a pickup truck.

8. On the evening before the trial begins, Ellen arrives at Jake's office suite carrying a thick, professional brief regarding the rape admissibility issue and begins to do what?
(a) Make copies of the brief.
(b) Provide an overview of the issue.
(c) Make coffee.
(d) Make margaritas.

9. When the jury is impaneled, Jake, Harry Rex, and Ellen are in agreement about what?
(a) It is much better than expected.
(b) Things do not look well.
(c) It is not as bad as was expected.
(d) They are uncertain about some of the members.

10. While the trio is at lunch on the day of opening statements, and Jake is in the restroom, Ellen describes Jake as the best she has seen, but qualifies that view how?
(a) "For his age."
(b) "Considering his law school."
(c) "Given his experience."
(d) "Considering how nervous he is."

11. When two dozen Klansmen arrive on the first morning of the trial in full regalia, what happens?
(a) They are advised by Sheriff Walls that they may stay, but not if hooded.
(b) Deputies usher to their "turf" out front, and tell them they may stay if there is no trouble.
(c) They are instructed they may only stay without KKK regalia.
(d) National Guardsmen usher them away.

12. Amongst some of the questions Buckley asks regarding Bass's identity, what is the crime Buckley ask Bass has been convicted of?
(a) Fraud.
(b) Theft.
(c) Statutory Rape.
(d) Driving Under the Influence.

13. Where does Judge Noose advise the jurors they will be sequestered?
(a) In a motel outside Clanton.
(b) In the Clanton Inn on Main Street.
(c) They will not be sequestered, but are not to discuss the case with anyone.
(d) They will be sequestered in the courthouse with National Guard security.

14. When Lucien gets the opportunity to discuss Sisco's offer with Jake, what does he state the cost will be?
(a) $2,500 for a hung jury, $5,000 for an acquittal.
(b) $25,000 for a hung jury, $50,000 for an acquittal.
(c) $250,000 for a hung jury, $500,000 for an acquital.
(d) $50,000 for an acquittal is the only offer.

15. How does Deputy Looney describe Carl Lee?
(a) "It was an accident. But he deserves some prison time."
(b) "For what he did, he deserves life."
(c) "He's a killer. He's worthy of death."
(d) "He's a hero. Give him a trophy."

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do the Northern Mississippi black residents recognize as the single white radical NAACP attorney in their region?

2. On Monday morning, Clanton is in "trial mode" as the Klan is happy having burned down Jake's home and what else?

3. While Jake and Ellen are working on various issues of the case, whom do they invite to join them on the balcony of the law office?

4. On Friday, day five of the trial, Ozzie and Deputy Nesbit wake Jake before 5:00 a.m. to inform him "Mickey Mouse" has reported what?

5. Who is the first victim to fall in the riot at the courthouse?

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