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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Lucien furious on the morning of the shooting attempt to kill Jake?
(a) That someone has attempted to take Jake's life.
(b) The National Guard did not check out the silo amongst other locations.
(c) The National Guard colonel waited before senting someone to check.
(d) He has kept Dr. Bass sober all night and his testimony will be postponed.

2. At noon, when the court assembles and finds the jury has not reached a verdict, the judge advises them to do what?
(a) Have lunch while they continue deliberation.
(b) Take a ninety-minute lunch without deliberation.
(c) Skip lunch and continue deliberation.
(d) Take an hour lunch without deliberation.

3. What does Jake say to the judge after Ozzie explains what has taken place to Noose?
(a) He will be in as soon as he showers, changes, and the area is secured.
(b) He will not be in today, he will be drunk by afternoon, and he will be in Saturday.
(c) He will be in, but not for an hour, as he needs to shower and change.
(d) He will be in this afternoon, not this morning.

4. On Monday, during the fifteen minute recess after Rodeheaver's testimony, Jake runs up to the law library where Harry Rex is already, and he assures Jake of what?
(a) No paper has mentioned his house fire or Ellen's attack.
(b) Only the Oxford paper mentioned Ellen's attack, and not her name.
(c) He reviewed the statutes and feels Jake has a good chance at appealing.
(d) No paper has mentioned his house fire, only Ellen's attack and no name.

5. When the jurors arrive the next morning for further deliberation, how are they taken from the bus to the courthouse?
(a) Through a back entrance using two vans instead of a bus.
(b) By Ozzie and National Guardsmen through the crowd.
(c) By deputies through the crowd.
(d) By National Guardsmen through the crowd.

6. What does Wanda Womack ask the jury panel to consider to convince them to rule not guilty by reason of insanity?
(a) Consider their reaction if their daughter was attacked and beaten.
(b) Consider true justice for a father, not the legal system.
(c) Consider what the crowd outside will do if he is found guilty.
(d) Imagine Tonya as a white girl attacked by two drunk black men.

7. What questions does Jake ask of Cobb's and Willard's respective mothers during cross-examination?
(a) Has either been convicted of rape?
(b) Jake opted not to cross-examine.
(c) How many other children their sons raped, was Cobb convicted of selling marijuana?
(d) How many convictions did their sons have respectively?

8. What does Lucien tell Jake regarding the summation?
(a) He might get the verdict down to second degree homicide.
(b) He might be able to get the verdict down to manslaughter.
(c) He can still win; miracles do happen.
(d) Nevermind Bass's condition, the jury might still rule temporary insanity.

9. On Friday, day five of the trial, Ozzie and Deputy Nesbit wake Jake before 5:00 a.m. to inform him "Mickey Mouse" has reported what?
(a) The Klan plan to bomb his office.
(b) The Klan plan again to blow up Jake's home.
(c) The Klan plan to shoot him and Carl Lee in court today.
(d) The Klan plan to kill Jake on the day of Stump Sisson's funeral.

10. On Saturday morning following the shooting attack he survived, Jake surmises that both Lucien and Bass were drunk yesterday and driven home by Deputy Nesbit, and while he drinks a Bloody Mary, Jake prays what?
(a) That Dr. Bass is sober for court.
(b) That nothing worse takes place.
(c) That Carl Lee can get off.
(d) That his motion for a mistrial will be accepted.

11. On Monday morning, Clanton is in "trial mode" as the Klan is happy having burned down Jake's home and what else?
(a) They sense victory with the attack on Ellen Roark.
(b) They sense victory with Jake not coming to court on Friday.
(c) They sense victoy with the all-white jury.
(d) They sense victory following the exposure of Bass.

12. Where does Judge Noose advise the jurors they will be sequestered?
(a) They will be sequestered in the courthouse with National Guard security.
(b) In a motel outside Clanton.
(c) They will not be sequestered, but are not to discuss the case with anyone.
(d) In the Clanton Inn on Main Street.

13. Looking out a window at the black protesters, Barry Acker realizes a guilty verdict will bring a riot and what will transpire?
(a) They will be not be injured.
(b) They will reach the vans safely.
(c) They will not reach the bus safely.
(d) They will make it out of town with the help of additional National Guard troops.

14. What is Lucien's advice to Jake regarding fear?
(a) Take a healty shot of bourbon to calm his nerves.
(b) Put it out of his mind and concentrate on legal matters.
(c) He should welcome it, as jurors are afraid as well.
(d) Jake has prepared well, and so he need not worry.

15. Who aids Ellen following her plight?
(a) Jake.
(b) Ozzie.
(c) "Mickey Mouse."
(d) Deputy Nesbitt.

Short Answer Questions

1. After going to the lake with Harry Rex, Jake visits Lucien and discovers what?

2. Early Sunday morning, the day before the trial opens, Jake is awakened on the law office couch by what?

3. As the riot erupts, what is each Klansman armed with?

4. Ellen has done a fine job preparing the doctor, including a twenty-five-page dialogue of the questions Jake will ask, and the answers for whom?

5. Why does Jake recognize Gerald Ault as a supporter of black people?

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