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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Jake and Harry Rex go to the lake in the latter's pickup truck rather than the former's Saab after going to Memphis to visit the hospital?
(a) They fear the Saab would be a target.
(b) Jake has let Carla use it to drive to the airport.
(c) The Saab is having mechanical work done.
(d) Carla used the Saab to drive to Wilmington, and hers is now burned.

2. When the jurors arrive the next morning for further deliberation, how are they taken from the bus to the courthouse?
(a) By National Guardsmen through the crowd.
(b) By Ozzie and National Guardsmen through the crowd.
(c) Through a back entrance using two vans instead of a bus.
(d) By deputies through the crowd.

3. Ministers start a parade of black protesters behind a fifteen-foot banner that reads what?
(a) "Tonya Is The Victim."
(b) "Free Carl Lee."
(c) "Carl Lee Was Right."
(d) "Free Carl Lee Hailey."

4. Back at his office, what does Jake drink while his friends drink margaritas?
(a) Margaritas.
(b) Bourbon.
(c) Coffee.
(d) Vodka.

5. While they await the jury's verdict from Jake's office, what does Lucien confirm as he spins tales regarding his family's heritage?
(a) Ethel's retarded son is his half-brother.
(b) Ethel's daughter was Lucien's half-sister who died shortly after birth.
(c) Ethel is his mother.
(d) As a teen, his family paid his first love's family to move away.

6. Following three hours of sleep on the morning of the trial, Jake bolts awake and has Deputy Nesbit do what?
(a) Take him home so he can shower and shave.
(b) Check the building out as he has heard something suspicious.
(c) Has him drive him to Lucien's home where he left some documents.
(d) Take him to Ozzie to review security measures in transporting Carl Lee.

7. At noon, when the court assembles and finds the jury has not reached a verdict, the judge advises them to do what?
(a) Have lunch while they continue deliberation.
(b) Take a ninety-minute lunch without deliberation.
(c) Take an hour lunch without deliberation.
(d) Skip lunch and continue deliberation.

8. Amongst some of the questions Buckley asks regarding Bass's identity, what is the crime Buckley ask Bass has been convicted of?
(a) Theft.
(b) Driving Under the Influence.
(c) Statutory Rape.
(d) Fraud.

9. What question does Jake ask of Ozzie during cross-examination that Buckley wildly objects to and Jake withdraws, but Ozzie has already nodded affirmatively to?
(a) Did Pete Willard agree to sign a confession for leniency prior to death?
(b) Did either verbally confess prior to death?
(c) Whether Pete Willard signed a confession prior to his death?
(d) Whether either Cobb or Willard signed a confession prior to death?

10. How is the riot quelled?
(a) Deputies from an adjacent county arrive on scene.
(b) State Troopers arrive on scene.
(c) Three deputies fire their revolvers into the air.
(d) Additional Ford County deputies arrive on scene.

11. When Jake addresses the jury, what does he first apologize for?
(a) His inability to be at court on Friday.
(b) His mistakes due to inexperience.
(c) Their having to be sequestered.
(d) Dr. Bass.

12. When the trial resumes following the brief recess, why does Jake decline to question Rodeheaver?
(a) He has never won an argument with an expert.
(b) He often wins arguments with experts, but is not confident this time.
(c) He rarely wins arguments with experts.
(d) He has only once won an argument with an expert.

13. Where does Deputy Nesbit take Ellen to sleep the night before the trial opens?
(a) The Sheriff's Departmment.
(b) She stays at Jakes office suite.
(c) Lucien's.
(d) The Clanton Inn.

14. Buckley's opening statement runs an hour and a half, and Jake's opening is how long?
(a) Three quarters of an hour.
(b) Half an hour.
(c) One hour.
(d) 14 minutes.

15. Subsequent to Bass's testimony, what does Jake do when the lawyers are summoned to the judge's chambers?
(a) Stops in a restroom enroute and vomits.
(b) Passes Carl Lee without being able to look at him.
(c) Grabs a shot of bourbon from Lucien's pocket flask.
(d) Has Harry Rex go back to the office and grab a file.

Short Answer Questions

1. When two dozen Klansmen arrive on the first morning of the trial in full regalia, what happens?

2. At one point, talk amongst the jurors gradually leads toward a guilty verdict, based essentially on what?

3. When Jake seeks a change of venue from Judge Noose and is told nothing would be done except removing 20 intimidated jurors, Jake learns what?

4. Why is Carl Lee aghast when the jury is finally seated?

5. During the night of the second trial date, Stump Sisson dies, bringing the number of deaths related to Tonya's rape to how many?

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