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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the meeting of Jake's jury strategy team, what do the black citizens do?
(a) Maintain a candlelight vigil surrounding the courthouse.
(b) Maintain a prayer vigil at local black churches.
(c) Maintain a candlelight vigil surrounding the courthouse and jail.
(d) Maintain a candlelight vigil surrounding the jail.

2. What does Ozzie do after he is tipped off three minutes after midnight on July 12 that the Brigance home is to be blown up within three hours?
(a) Awakens Jake, and instructs him to take up a position with his rifle.
(b) Awakens Jake, and instructs him to take his family to the airport.
(c) Ignores the tip.
(d) Awakens Jake, and instructs him to send his family into hiding.

3. Why does Lucien advise Jake he needs to seek a change of venue?
(a) Everyone in Ford County has already made their minds up.
(b) The KKK in Ford County is very strong.
(c) To get at least one black jury member.
(d) The chances for a less experienced prosecutor are better.

4. When does Agee agree to get the "love offering" funds for the Hailey family to Gwen?
(a) When Ozzie threatens to arrest him.
(b) When Jake threatens to prosecute.
(c) When Ozzie says he could tell the church of his stolen car, DUI, and funeral home kickbicks.
(d) When Carl Lee threatens to tell everyone of Agee's dirty dealings.

5. When Jake Brigance confides in Sheriff Walls that Carl Lee Hailey may be planning the murder of Cobb and Willard, what do they speculate about how they might feel?
(a) That they would carefully follow the trial.
(b) That they might entertain murder.
(c) That they would move so their daughters could start over.
(d) That they would not allow their daughters to testify.

6. What does Carl Lee Hailey feel his chances are, now that he has been arrested and charged with two counts of murder?
(a) He is confident Jake Brigance will get him off, as he did his brother.
(b) Hoping, but not expecting much in a predominantly white community.
(c) He is moderately confident, never hoping for too much.
(d) He is not as confident as Jake Briance was on TV.

7. What is Jake's view of insurance companies and their lawyers?
(a) Jake is jealous and wishes he could be one.
(b) Jake understands the need for them, but does not like them.
(c) Jake hates them both.
(d) Jake has defended the insurance side and sees the need.

8. A convoy of how many buses carrying elderly blacks converge at the courthouse where Reverend Agee is holding a rally?
(a) 27.
(b) 22.
(c) 42.
(d) 31.

9. Judge Omar Noose initiated his career as a mediocre lawyer but good politician who served five terms in the state legislature, and during which he developed what?
(a) A most affluent, honest lifestyle.
(b) A moderate, but totally honest lifestyle.
(c) A most affluent, dishonest lifestyle.
(d) A moderate, but borderline dishonest lifestyle.

10. How does Ozzie get the bomb defused?
(a) He calls for an explosives expert in the next county to be helicoptered in.
(b) He handcuffs the man to the gas meter and puts the ticking case between his legs.
(c) He calls for an explosives expert at the Sheriff's Department.
(d) He has the case carefully taken to a secluded section of woods.

11. What is the temperature at Reverend Agee's rally?
(a) 100 degrees.
(b) 90 degrees.
(c) 80 degrees.
(d) 70 degrees.

12. What does Jake Brigance drive?
(a) A Saab.
(b) A Rolls-Royce.
(c) A BMW.
(d) A Jaguar.

13. Lester tells Carl Lee what when he visits his cell?
(a) He will remain as long as is needed.
(b) He needs to leave, but will be back for his trial.
(c) He has to leave now.
(d) He needs to leave and will return when he is able.

14. Ollie Agee, the Hailey's pastor, convenes the Council of Ministers, a board of the local black ministry, which decides to do what?
(a) Initiate a defense fund for Carl Lee, a support fund for his family, and security for Hailey's home.
(b) Initiate a defense fund for Carl Lee, a support fund for his family, and bring in the NAACP.
(c) Bring in the NAACP.
(d) Initiate a fund and prayer vigil for the Hailey's.

15. How much has Jake been paid by Lester Hailey prior to the indictment?
(a) $900.
(b) $550.
(c) $750.
(d) $1,000.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who begs Sheriff Ozzie Walls to reopen the local "tonks"?

2. When interviewed by TV journalists the day before Carl Lee's preliminary hearing, what does Jake tell them a Mississippi jury has as options when trying capital murder?

3. Why does the name of Clyde Sisco cause some stir during the meeting of Jake's jury strategy team?

4. On his way back to Mississippi, what is Lester doing?

5. Since Jake insists he will not be a "gofer" for the NAACP, what is the response when Carl Lee asks what will happen to the $20,000 defense fund if he uses only Jake?

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