A Time to Kill Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does John Grisham open his story with such horrific detail of the crime?

In this novel, the author is not holding the reader in suspense, attempting to find out who the perpetrators are. Instead, he provides the horrific details, making it a story of what the Hailey family will do in retaliation for their ten-year-old daughter, Tonya. The story will go far beyond simply depicting innocent or guilty parties.

2. What sort of a lawman is Sheriff Ozzie Walls?

Sheriff Ozzie Walls is respected by all segments of the population within Ford County. He was elected by both black and white citizens who respect him highly. As a strategist, he is both practical and clear-thinking. As an officer, he appears to operate within the boundaries of the law.

3. What sort of a lawyer is Jake Brigance?

Jake Brigance is a relatively young and inexperienced attorney, who is nonetheless quite disciplined. He started his liberal law practice immediately following law school. He socializes with the blue-collar workers he represents, including the Hailey family members in the past. He operates from a law practice he has essentially inherited.

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