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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 43.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Buckley's opening statement runs an hour and a half, and Jake's opening is how long?
(a) One hour.
(b) 14 minutes.
(c) Half an hour.
(d) Three quarters of an hour.

2. Why is Carl Lee aghast when the jury is finally seated?
(a) It is all-white, 9 women and 3 men, only 1 black of 2 alternates.
(b) It is all-white, 10 women and 2 men, only 1 black of 2 alternates.
(c) It is all-white, 11 women and 1 man, only 1 black of 2 alternates.
(d) It is all-white, 12 women and no men, only 1 black of 2 alternates.

3. After her refusal to give the juror list to Jake, what does Jean Gillespie do when he reminds her of previously helping with her family and her reelection?
(a) Jean refuses and apologizes, but says that she has no alternative.
(b) Jean is sorry Jake storms out, but feels he will calm down.
(c) Jean is not concerned.
(d) She still refuses, and cries after Jake storms out.

4. During the night of the second trial date, Stump Sisson dies, bringing the number of deaths related to Tonya's rape to how many?
(a) 3.
(b) 4.
(c) 6.
(d) 5.

5. Ministers start a parade of black protesters behind a fifteen-foot banner that reads what?
(a) "Free Carl Lee Hailey."
(b) "Tonya Is The Victim."
(c) "Carl Lee Was Right."
(d) "Free Carl Lee."

Short Answer Questions

1. Who aids Ellen following her plight?

2. Norman Reinfeld, the thirty-year-old Jewish supervisor of the NAACP defense team, graduated from which law school?

3. Following Jake's closing before the jury, he and Lucien are drinking on Lucien's front porch where Deputy Nesbit helps himself to what?

4. Who has previously witnessed a KKK march in Clanton?

5. Where does Judge Noose advise the jurors they will be sequestered?

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