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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 43.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Ford County Sheriff viewed by the local citizenry?
(a) He is respected and loved by white residents primarily, not black residents.
(b) He is respected and loved by black residents primarily, not white residents.
(c) He is not respected nor loved by many black or white residents.
(d) He is respected and loved by virtually all, both black and white residents.

2. When the trial resumes following the brief recess, why does Jake decline to question Rodeheaver?
(a) He has never won an argument with an expert.
(b) He rarely wins arguments with experts.
(c) He has only once won an argument with an expert.
(d) He often wins arguments with experts, but is not confident this time.

3. Who likely holds the outcome of the Carl Lee trial in the palm of his hand?
(a) Noose.
(b) Lucien.
(c) The Ford County Klan leader.
(d) Jake.

4. When Jake Brigance confides in Sheriff Walls that Carl Lee Hailey may be planning the murder of Cobb and Willard, what do they speculate about how they might feel?
(a) That they would move so their daughters could start over.
(b) That they would not allow their daughters to testify.
(c) That they would carefully follow the trial.
(d) That they might entertain murder.

5. What is the reaction to the press conference?
(a) It is a short clip on the 10:00 p.m. broadcast, and a short column with no photo in the back pages.
(b) Nothing local, only in Jackson, Memphis, Atlanta and elsewhere.
(c) It is a TV news hit, and the Hailey family photo appears on the front page.
(d) Primarily on TV news, and little in the newspapers.

Short Answer Questions

1. When a juror is jumped by thugs at the Temple Inn, how is he threatened?

2. How does Deputy Looney describe Carl Lee?

3. On Monday, during the fifteen minute recess after Rodeheaver's testimony, Jake runs up to the law library where Harry Rex is already, and he assures Jake of what?

4. What is Carla's reply when Jake asks her if she would convict Carl Lee Hailey for murdering Billy Ray Cobb if she were a jury member?

5. On Saturday morning following the shooting attack he survived, Jake surmises that both Lucien and Bass were drunk yesterday and driven home by Deputy Nesbit, and while he drinks a Bloody Mary, Jake prays what?

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