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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 38.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When two dozen Klansmen arrive on the first morning of the trial in full regalia, what happens?
(a) They are instructed they may only stay without KKK regalia.
(b) They are advised by Sheriff Walls that they may stay, but not if hooded.
(c) National Guardsmen usher them away.
(d) Deputies usher to their "turf" out front, and tell them they may stay if there is no trouble.

2. How does Hinky Myrick raise money during the Carl Lee trial?
(a) Selling sandwiches and plate lunches at cheap prices to the National Guard.
(b) Selling sandwiches, plate lunches at exhorbitant prices on the front lawn.
(c) Selling sandwiches and plate lunches at exhorbitant prices in the courtroom.
(d) Selling sandwiches, plate lunches at reasonable prices to media outdoors.

3. How is Ford County Sheriff viewed by the local citizenry?
(a) He is respected and loved by black residents primarily, not white residents.
(b) He is respected and loved by white residents primarily, not black residents.
(c) He is respected and loved by virtually all, both black and white residents.
(d) He is not respected nor loved by many black or white residents.

4. Several days following his being rehired by Carl Lee, Jake is summoned to Lucien's home to meet whom?
(a) Dr. W.T. Bass, retired psychiatrist.
(b) Dr. W.T. Bass, retired psychologist.
(c) Dr. W.T. Bass, retired podiatrist.
(d) Dr. W.T. Bass, retired pediatrician.

5. What is Tonya carrying when she is kidnapped?
(a) A bag of groceries.
(b) Her school books.
(c) A basket of fish and a pole.
(d) An armful of firewood.

Short Answer Questions

1. After her refusal to give the juror list to Jake, what does Jean Gillespie do when he reminds her of previously helping with her family and her reelection?

2. What happens when Jake calls Lester in Chicago?

3. The Sunday after Jake gets fired, he and Carla skip church and take Hanna where?

4. Ollie Agee, the Hailey's pastor, convenes the Council of Ministers, a board of the local black ministry, which decides to do what?

5. Why does Jake threaten to fire his secretary Ethel?

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