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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 34.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Jake tells Ethel to shut up or quit when she informs him about his $4,000 in unpaid bills, less than $1,900 in the bank, and his failure to see clients or drop off promised files, what does she do?
(a) She yells she has put up with his childishness long enough.
(b) She tearfully explains about the threatening phone calls, and her husband's ill health.
(c) She angrily responds by throwing papers and storming out.
(d) She firmly states he could find no replacement to last a week.

2. Why is Carl Lee aghast when the jury is finally seated?
(a) It is all-white, 11 women and 1 man, only 1 black of 2 alternates.
(b) It is all-white, 12 women and no men, only 1 black of 2 alternates.
(c) It is all-white, 9 women and 3 men, only 1 black of 2 alternates.
(d) It is all-white, 10 women and 2 men, only 1 black of 2 alternates.

3. As the riot erupts, what is each Klansman armed with?
(a) A knife.
(b) A handgun.
(c) A broken bottle.
(d) A nightstick.

4. On the evening before the trial begins, Ellen arrives at Jake's office suite carrying a thick, professional brief regarding the rape admissibility issue and begins to do what?
(a) Make margaritas.
(b) Make coffee.
(c) Make copies of the brief.
(d) Provide an overview of the issue.

5. As the Mississippi Imperial Wizard of the Klan speaks from the podium, there are 40 Klansmen marching at the courthouse and how many black people?
(a) Black people outnumber the Klan 10-1.
(b) Black people outnumber the Klan 5-1.
(c) Black people outnumber the Klan 15-1.
(d) Black people outnumber the Klan 2-1.

Short Answer Questions

1. In questioning jurors individually in chambers as to their position on the death penalty, one black male lies and is allowed to remain, and he later does what?

2. What do the participants chant at the rally?

3. Who has received threatening phone calls both at home and in the office?

4. What does Sheriff Walls testify during the change of venue hearing?

5. Given the National Guard activity the day prior to the trial opening, Jake advises Ellen he will be forced to renew his plea for change of venue, ask for a mistrial, and then be certain of what?

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