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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 34.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the meeting of Jake's jury strategy team, what do the black citizens do?
(a) Maintain a candlelight vigil surrounding the courthouse and jail.
(b) Maintain a candlelight vigil surrounding the jail.
(c) Maintain a candlelight vigil surrounding the courthouse.
(d) Maintain a prayer vigil at local black churches.

2. How does Ozzie get the bomb defused?
(a) He calls for an explosives expert at the Sheriff's Department.
(b) He calls for an explosives expert in the next county to be helicoptered in.
(c) He handcuffs the man to the gas meter and puts the ticking case between his legs.
(d) He has the case carefully taken to a secluded section of woods.

3. On his way back to Mississippi, what is Lester doing?
(a) Reflecting on how he can help Carl Lee pay for legal services.
(b) Reflecting on how he got off.
(c) Reflecting on his failing marriage.
(d) Reflecting on how he will get Carl Lee to rehire Jake.

4. What is Jake's view of insurance companies and their lawyers?
(a) Jake hates them both.
(b) Jake has defended the insurance side and sees the need.
(c) Jake is jealous and wishes he could be one.
(d) Jake understands the need for them, but does not like them.

5. What illegal item does Carl Lee Hailey request to buy from K.T. "Cat" Bruster?
(a) An automatic M-16.
(b) An automatic M-1 carbine.
(c) A .45 caliber semi-automatic.
(d) An automatic AK-47.

Short Answer Questions

1. Several days following his being rehired by Carl Lee, Jake is summoned to Lucien's home to meet whom?

2. As the riot erupts, what is each Klansman armed with?

3. How long does the preliminary hearing for Billy Ray Cobb and Pete Willard last?

4. Ellen has done a masterful job of the M'Naghten brief, summarizing what into seventy-five pages directly applicable to the Hailey trial?

5. Following Carl Lee's preliminary hearing, what does Jake attempt to do in the interview with New York Times reporter McKittrick?

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