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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 25 | Chapter 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Lester's local girlfriend's name, and how many children do they have?
(a) Iris, 2.
(b) Champagne, 1.
(c) Iris, 1.
(d) Frances, 1.

2. How do the members of the council of black ministers arrive for strategic planning regarding the NAACP defense of Carl Lee?
(a) In Saabs and BMWs.
(b) In their Cadillacs and Lincolns.
(c) In Chevrolets and Dodges.
(d) Primarily in modest-priced vehicles.

3. What happens when Jake calls Lester in Chicago?
(a) Lester agrees to come back, but not soon.
(b) Lester agrees to return to Clanton with much prompting.
(c) Lester says he cannot return until the trial.
(d) Lester agrees to return to Clanton with little prompting.

4. Why does Carl Lee fire Jake?
(a) Jake could not get him out on bond.
(b) He has an argument with Jake.
(c) Carla has received more threats and asks him to.
(d) Cat Bruster convinces him to do so.

5. What illegal item does Carl Lee Hailey request to buy from K.T. "Cat" Bruster?
(a) An automatic AK-47.
(b) An automatic M-16.
(c) A .45 caliber semi-automatic.
(d) An automatic M-1 carbine.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the reaction to the press conference?

2. Norman Reinfeld, the thirty-year-old Jewish supervisor of the NAACP defense team, graduated from which law school?

3. Judge Omar Noose initiated his career as a mediocre lawyer but good politician who served five terms in the state legislature, and during which he developed what?

4. According to Judge Noose, what is the largest media problem?

5. After being threatened by Marsharfsky, Jake does what?

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