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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 39.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ellen explains that it will be impossible to keep what from the jury?
(a) The M-16 automatic rifle.
(b) Carl Lee's apologizing to Deputy Looney.
(c) The gory pictures of Willard and Cobb's bodies.
(d) The fact that Deputy Looney was shot and lost a leg.

2. Who is Rocky Childers?
(a) Tavern owner.
(b) Ford County Sheriff.
(c) Ford County Judge.
(d) Ford County Prosecutor.

3. What three individuals were aware of what would likely take place, so the double murder does not surprise them?
(a) Ozzie Walls, K.T. "Cat" Bruster, Deputy Looney.
(b) Lester Hailey, Jake Brigance, Judge Bullard.
(c) Ozzie Walls, Jake Brigance, Carl Lee Hailey.
(d) Carla Brigance, Pete Willard, Billy Ray Cobb.

4. When does Agee agree to get the "love offering" funds for the Hailey family to Gwen?
(a) When Carl Lee threatens to tell everyone of Agee's dirty dealings.
(b) When Ozzie says he could tell the church of his stolen car, DUI, and funeral home kickbicks.
(c) When Ozzie threatens to arrest him.
(d) When Jake threatens to prosecute.

5. What are the bored jurors doing by the evening of the third day after the phones have been removed from their rooms?
(a) Swimming in the motel pool, reading magazines, and playing cards.
(b) Reading magazines, buying sodas from a machine, and playing cards.
(c) Cooling off in the motel pool, drinking sodas, and playing cards.
(d) Buying sodas from a machine, playing cards, and discussing the case.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Jake has Ellen focus on Dr. Wilbert Rodeheaver, the state's mental expert, he asks her to center on cases where acquittals resulted because he suspects what?

2. What is Lucien's advice to Jake regarding fear?

3. A convoy of how many buses carrying elderly blacks converge at the courthouse where Reverend Agee is holding a rally?

4. What does Carl Lee Hailey feel his chances are, now that he has been arrested and charged with two counts of murder?

5. What is Clanton doing to prepare for the national spotlight a week before the Carl Lee trial?

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