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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 31.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During one phone call to Carla shortly prior to the trial, whose situation is Jake careful not to bring up?
(a) Ozzie Walls'.
(b) Reverend Agee's.
(c) Bud Twitty's.
(d) Gwem Hailey's.

2. Where is the Ku Klux Klan meeting when Freddie Cobb, Billy Ray's brother, is stipulating to the Imperial Wizard that that they must get involved?
(a) In a warehouse in an industrial park, late at night.
(b) In a barn on an abandoned farm, 20 miles outside Vicksburg.
(c) Deep in the woods of Nettles County, 230 miles south of Clanton.
(d) Deep in the woods of Durham County, 125 miles northeast of Clanton.

3. After Ozzie summons Jake to meet with Lester and Carl Lee and Carl Lee rehires Jake because his brother "wants me to," what does Carl Lee say?
(a) Carl Lee admits he trusts Jake, and wants his services.
(b) Carl Lee persists he is only following Lester's request.
(c) Carl Lee states the Sheriff has convinced him Jake is a good choice.
(d) Carl Lee states he does not trust Jake, but trusts the Shark less.

4. When does Agee agree to get the "love offering" funds for the Hailey family to Gwen?
(a) When Ozzie says he could tell the church of his stolen car, DUI, and funeral home kickbicks.
(b) When Carl Lee threatens to tell everyone of Agee's dirty dealings.
(c) When Ozzie threatens to arrest him.
(d) When Jake threatens to prosecute.

5. Several days following his being rehired by Carl Lee, Jake is summoned to Lucien's home to meet whom?
(a) Dr. W.T. Bass, retired pediatrician.
(b) Dr. W.T. Bass, retired podiatrist.
(c) Dr. W.T. Bass, retired psychologist.
(d) Dr. W.T. Bass, retired psychiatrist.

Short Answer Questions

1. Days before the trial, Gwen Hailey calls Jake and informs him she is behind on house payments, the utilities might be shut off, and has only received how much from the church council?

2. What does Judge Bullard do to calm his nerves?

3. How does Jake Brigance view the Carl Lee Hailey murder trial?

4. What three individuals were aware of what would likely take place, so the double murder does not surprise them?

5. Why does Jake recognize Gerald Ault as a supporter of black people?

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