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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 31.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jake recognize Gerald Ault as a supporter of black people?
(a) Ault was rescued as a boy from a burning building by a black person.
(b) Ault was rescued as a boy from drowning by a black person.
(c) Although a secret few knew, Ault's first girlfriend was black.
(d) Ault was raised by a black "nanny" until he was in his early teens.

2. On his way back to Mississippi, what is Lester doing?
(a) Reflecting on his failing marriage.
(b) Reflecting on how he will get Carl Lee to rehire Jake.
(c) Reflecting on how he got off.
(d) Reflecting on how he can help Carl Lee pay for legal services.

3. During one phone call to Carla shortly prior to the trial, whose situation is Jake careful not to bring up?
(a) Bud Twitty's.
(b) Ozzie Walls'.
(c) Reverend Agee's.
(d) Gwem Hailey's.

4. What three individuals were aware of what would likely take place, so the double murder does not surprise them?
(a) Carla Brigance, Pete Willard, Billy Ray Cobb.
(b) Lester Hailey, Jake Brigance, Judge Bullard.
(c) Ozzie Walls, Jake Brigance, Carl Lee Hailey.
(d) Ozzie Walls, K.T. "Cat" Bruster, Deputy Looney.

5. When Jake has Ellen focus on Dr. Wilbert Rodeheaver, the state's mental expert, he asks her to center on cases where acquittals resulted because he suspects what?
(a) He is reluctant to declare anyone "insane."
(b) He has always been siding with the state.
(c) He has some shady connections.
(d) He has never declared a black person "insane."

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Clanton doing to prepare for the national spotlight a week before the Carl Lee trial?

2. Jake's friend Harry Rex Vonner tells him the grand jury voted how on the Hailey indictment?

3. The Hailey indictment is not mentioned on TV until a brief 10:00 p.m. news segment, so what is Jake's response?

4. Ellen has done a masterful job of the M'Naghten brief, summarizing what into seventy-five pages directly applicable to the Hailey trial?

5. Where is the Ku Klux Klan meeting when Freddie Cobb, Billy Ray's brother, is stipulating to the Imperial Wizard that that they must get involved?

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