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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 | Chapter 2)


The crime around which this novel centers is filled high with tension for a host of factors. The objective of Daily Lesson #1 is to examine those factors and the environment in which Sheriff Ozzie Walls must execute his responsibilities.


1) Small Group Activity: All students are to gather in small groups and discuss the crime which has taken place, the perpetrators and victim, her family, the environment where the attack transpired, the atmosphere that pervades Ford County, the sheriff, and other aspects of the story presented thus far.

2) Writing Assignment: Each student is to individually compile a single page paper concerning Sheriff Ozzie Walls. Some of the points they are to consider include the type of law enforcement officer he is; whether he operates within the established boundaries of the law; if he is a strategist in executing his responsibilities; how he is viewed by both...

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