A Time to Kill Character Descriptions

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Jake Brigance

This thirty-two-year-old attorney is a native of Karaway, Mississippi.

Carl Lee Hailey

This character is a steady worker at a local factory, a devoted husband, and a father of four.

Lucien Wilbanks

This dissolute, brilliant, and wealthy disbarred lawyer has learned to hate money at a very young age.

Sheriff Ozzie Walls

This person is successful, respected, and the only African-American individual holding such a position in the state.

Carla Brigance

This perceptive and insightful schoolteacher has a charming spouse.

Harry Rex Vonner

This individual is a local lawyer who serves as the lovable buffoon in the story.

Ellen Roark

This brilliant, wealthy, twenty-five-year-old third-year law student arrives in the story intending to clerk at no cost.

Judge Omar Noose

This person, while colorful and very different in appearance and temperament, is wise and respected, and has a legislative background.

Ethel Twitty

This person is about...

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