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Caroline and Charles Todd
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mavers react to the conversation he has in the church yard after services in Chapter 15?
(a) He is joyous and filled with laughter.
(b) He becomes distraught and quickly leaves.
(c) He is content enough to watch the interaction of the villagers for a brief time.
(d) He becomes angry and insults everyone.

2. With whom is Rutledge arguing at the beginning of Chapter 17?
(a) Mark Wilton.
(b) Lettice Wood.
(c) Laurence Royston.
(d) Hamish McLeod.

3. What does Lettice Wood accuse Rutledge of doing during their interview at the end of Chapter 16?
(a) Fishing for information.
(b) Forcing her to admit to something she did not do.
(c) Implying an affair where none existed.
(d) Acting on desperation.

4. What does Wilton continuously refuse to answer each time Rutledge asks?
(a) What his relationship with Lettice Wood is truly like.
(b) What his relationship with his cousin is.
(c) What his fight with the murder victim was about.
(d) Why he broke up with Catherine Tarrant.

5. Who objects loudly to Rutledge's decision to postpone arresting Wilton?
(a) Davies.
(b) Forrest.
(c) Bowles.
(d) Hamish McLeod.

Short Answer Questions

1. For whom did Mavers' father work?

2. What was the profession of Mavers' father?

3. What motive does Wilton have for murdering Harris?

4. Who does Rutledge think he sees in the garden at the Inn while preparing for lunch in Chapter 16?

5. What does Rutledge realize is the only evidence against Mark Wilton at the end of Chapter 14?

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