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Caroline and Charles Todd
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who seems to be the main topic of conversation in the beginning of Chapter 17?
(a) Helena Sommers.
(b) Mavers.
(c) Lettice Wood.
(d) Wilton.

2. What injuries does Royston have when Rutledge finds him running from the Sommers' cottage in Chapter 20?
(a) A badly cut shoulder.
(b) A gun shot wound in the leg.
(c) A shotgun blast to his face.
(d) A knife wound to the belly.

3. Who does Dr. Warren ask Rutledge to come with him to meet at the end of Chapter 11?
(a) A servant of Catherine Tarrant.
(b) Hickam.
(c) A woman of ill repute.
(d) Lizzie Pinter.

4. What does Rutledge threaten when Rutledge tells him of the evidence mounting against him?
(a) To fight him in court.
(b) To have his friends beat him up.
(c) To have him arrested for defamation of character.
(d) To fight to have him fired from Scotland Yard.

5. What has Captain Wilton been doing with his time over the last few days of the investigation as has been revealed in Chapter 13?
(a) Cancelling his wedding plans.
(b) Attending numerous will readings for the murdered man.
(c) Arranging the difficult funeral for a headless corpse.
(d) Keeping his cousin from a nervous breakdown.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Royston tell Rutledge Sally Davenant chose to become a nurse during the war?

2. How does Rutledge decide Lizzie Pinter seeing the dead man fall from his horse in the meadow change the evidence against Wilton?

3. What does the item Rutledge finds in the meadow in Chapter 12 tell Rutledge?

4. Why does Rutledge wake Lettice in the middle of the night in the beginning of Chapter 19?

5. What does Mark Wilton think will best serve him in what he must do next, as described in Chapter 17?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Lettice Wood surprised to learn was the source of Mavers' pension?

2. Why does Rutledge questions Mrs. Davenant about the pension Mavers' receives in Chapter 11?

3. Who is missing at the funeral in Chapter 20?

4. Why does Rutledge go to the Sommers' home the morning of the funeral?

5. Who tells Lettice Wood that he once was involved in a car accident that resulted in a child's death in a way to comfort her in her grief?

6. Who killed Colonel Charles Harris?

7. Why does Rutledge question women in the village square in Chapter 14 about Mavers' alibi?

8. What does Rutledge say in Chapter 12 that causes Lettice Wood to become angry with him? How does Rutledge respond to this anger?

9. In what condition does Rutledge find the owner of the doll he found in Chapter 12 in the meadow where Harris' body was found?

10. Why does Catherine Tarrant admit she paid Hickam after the murder?

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