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Caroline and Charles Todd
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who, as revealed in Chapter 10, is receiving a pension from an unknown source?
(a) Davies.
(b) Wilton.
(c) Mavers.
(d) Harris.

2. Who does Rutledge suggest to Wilton might have been the real murderer?
(a) Hickam.
(b) Warren.
(c) Wood.
(d) Tarrant.

3. Who is Colonel Harris?
(a) A wealthy gentleman who is murdered.
(b) A poor veteran of World War I.
(c) A supervisor at Scotland Yard.
(d) The husband of Lettice Wood.

4. Where did the murder that will be investigated in this novel take place?
(a) East Hampton, England.
(b) Warwickshire, England.
(c) Weltonshire, England.
(d) York, England.

5. Why does Wilton claim he moved to the small country village?
(a) To be close to his cousin.
(b) To be closer to his former fiancee.
(c) To get away from killing.
(d) To get away from the bustle of the city.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Rutledge go to visit Mrs. Davenant in Chapter 3?

2. Who is Sally Davenant?

3. Who does the doctor tell Rutledge the town is about to lynch at the end of Chapter 4?

4. Who does Helena Sommers admit she saw the morning of the murder in Chapter 4?

5. When does Catherine Tarrant claim a person never knows fear?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Wilton deny doing the morning of the murder that goes directly against eye witness testimony?

2. What does Mavers lecture about in public that expresses his unhappiness with the aristocracy in England and particularly Colonel Harris?

3. Why was Scotland Yard called in to investigate the murder of Colonel Harris?

4. Why did Harris stop Mavers from joining the military as Mavers describes it in Chapter 5?

5. What does Rutledge see that causes the voice of Hamish to become quite loud for a moment?

6. Who do the servants at Harris' estate tell Rutledge were fighting the night before Harris' murder?

7. What does Rutledge feel is unusual about the position in which the body of Colonel Harris was found?

8. Why does Royston tell Rutledge he once borrowed money from Colonel Harris?

9. What does Rutledge find unusual about Lettice Wood's manner in Chapter 2?

10. What is revealed when the author switches point of views at the beginning of Chapter 7?

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