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Caroline and Charles Todd
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Rutledge hide out in Chapter 16 in order to review the evidence in the case one more time?
(a) The meadow where the body was discovered.
(b) His hotel room.
(c) London.
(d) Mallows.

2. What is the topic of conversation when Rutledge first arrives to speak with Wilton at the beginning of Chapter 18?
(a) The funeral arrangements.
(b) The canceled wedding.
(c) Catherine Tarrant.
(d) Lettice Wood.

3. Why does Royston tell Rutledge Sally Davenant chose to become a nurse during the war?
(a) To help her country.
(b) To keep busy while waiting for word on her cousin.
(c) To find a new husband.
(d) To help her fellow villagers.

4. What is split personality?
(a) When a person shows one personality to the public and one at home.
(b) When an emotionally traumatized person creates a separate personality to deal with pain.
(c) When a person suffers a disfiguring trauma that changes their outlook on life.
(d) When a person has such emotional trauma that his personality changes dramatically.

5. What does Carfield preach about in Chapter 15?
(a) Coveting your neighbor.
(b) Making the best of one's short life.
(c) The sin of murder.
(d) Stealing.

6. What is the weather like as the villagers gather for the funeral of Colonel Harris?
(a) Humid and misty.
(b) Hot and sunny.
(c) Snowy and cold.
(d) Rainy and miserable.

7. What does Rutledge learn is the reason for Mavers' strong reaction to a conversation after church services in Chapter 15?
(a) Mrs. Davenant has offered him a job.
(b) Lettice Wood is open to courting with him.
(c) Harris paid his pension, but it will not continue.
(d) Royston accused him of the murder.

8. How does Rutledge calm Lettice Wood after insulting her by implying she had a hand in the murder?
(a) He begs her to help him solve the case.
(b) He promises to give her justice one way or another.
(c) He tells her he loves her.
(d) He tells her he will get a new investigator.

9. What does Rutledge realize is the only evidence against Mark Wilton at the end of Chapter 14?
(a) A child, a doll, and a drunk.
(b) Nothing.
(c) A child, a cut tire, and a drunk.
(d) A spurned woman, a child, and a drunk.

10. Where does Maggie tell Rutledge Helena is when he confronts her in Chapter 20?
(a) The funeral.
(b) The hospital.
(c) The bedroom.
(d) The Inn.

11. Why was the murder victim, as discovered by Rutledge in Chapter 14, riding his horse near the houses of ill repute on the lane?
(a) He was visiting Helena Sommers.
(b) He was on his way into the village.
(c) He was visiting a woman of ill repute.
(d) He had resolved a dispute for one of the women of ill repute.

12. Who does Forrest believe is the source of Mavers' pension?
(a) Lettice Wood.
(b) Wilton.
(c) Mr. Davenant.
(d) Catherine Tarrant.

13. What is an inquest?
(a) A murder investigation.
(b) A naming of susects in a murder investigation.
(c) A judicial investigation into cause of death.
(d) A court hearing such as an arraignment.

14. What is the primary thought on Lettice Wood's mind in the end of Chapter 17?
(a) A wish to turn back time.
(b) A hope that the investigation will be over soon.
(c) A wish that she had killed Harris in a different style.
(d) A hope that Mark will come see her.

15. How does Hamish McLeod respond to the portrait of Rolf Linden by Catherine Tarrant?
(a) He laughs.
(b) He mocks it.
(c) He cries.
(d) He admires it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rutledge realize about Maggie Sommers as he approaches her home the day of the funeral?

2. What question does Lettice Wood ask Rutledge in Chapter 19?

3. What was the profession of Mavers' father?

4. What image has been in Lettice Wood's head since learning of her guardian's violent death?

5. What does Rutledge vow to do at the end of the novel?

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