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Caroline and Charles Todd
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 15-16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What illness does Rutledge learn Hickam suffers in Chapter 7?
(a) Alcohol poisoning.
(b) Liver disease.
(c) Kidney disease.
(d) A head injury.

2. Who finds the body of the murder victim?
(a) Mrs. Davenant.
(b) Wilton.
(c) Lettice Wood.
(d) Royston.

3. What does Lettice Wood think of Rutledge?
(a) He is good at his job.
(b) He is crazy.
(c) He is goodlooking.
(d) He is cold.

4. Who gives Mavers the item Rutledge finds in his home in Chapter 5?
(a) Mr. Davenant.
(b) Inspector Forrest.
(c) Mrs. Davenant.
(d) Captain Wilton.

5. What motive does Lettice Wood suggest Catherine Tarrant might have had to kill the murder victim?
(a) Jealousy.
(b) Insanity.
(c) Anger.
(d) Spite.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Lettice Wood lie to her maid about her crying jag in Chapter 9?

2. When does Catherine Tarrant claim a person never knows fear?

3. What does Lettice Wood say about Rutledge's progress with the investigation in chapter 12?

4. Where does Rutledge hide out in Chapter 16 in order to review the evidence in the case one more time?

5. Who saves Mavers from the murderous mob in Chapter 5?

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