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Caroline and Charles Todd
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11-12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Rutledge find himself forced to shoot McLeod after he faced the firing squad?
(a) The firing squad chickened out in killing McLeod.
(b) McLeod asked for Rutledge to fire the fatal shot.
(c) McLeod managed to escape the firing squad.
(d) The firing squad failed to kill McLeod.

2. Where is the body of the murder victim found?
(a) In a meadow.
(b) In a dining room.
(c) In a corn field.
(d) In a bedroom.

3. Who, as revealed in Chapter 10, is receiving a pension from an unknown source?
(a) Harris.
(b) Wilton.
(c) Mavers.
(d) Davies.

4. What does Lettice Wood say about Rutledge's progress with the investigation in chapter 12?
(a) That he is progressing faster than expected.
(b) That he should look elsewhere for the killer.
(c) That he should look closely at Wilton.
(d) That he is slow in solving it.

5. What type of accident is Royston in that forces him to borrow money from Harris to make it right?
(a) A boating accident.
(b) A plane crash.
(c) A bicycle accident.
(d) A car accident.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Mavers ask to leave while speaking with Rutledge so that he might speak openly without fear of judgment?

2. Who does Rutledge run into in Chapter 5 after leaving Mavers?

3. Who owns the house where the Sommers sisters live?

4. Who is Agnes Farrell?

5. What does Rutledge say London gave him in the aftermath of the debacle with McLeod?

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