Objects & Places from A Test of Wills

Caroline and Charles Todd
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Scotland Yard

This is the headquarters of a special branch of the police located in London.

World War I

This is a devastating global conflict from 1914-1918 that pitted Germany and its allies against England and France and their allies. It is characterized by mass casualties and long lines of defensive trenches stretching across Belgium and France.

Trench Warfare

This is a type of warfare where armies dug deep, extensive, defensive ditches in order to save their soldiers from getting mowed down by technologically advanced weaponry such as the machine gun.

Shell Shock

This is an older term for what is now know as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is often experienced by soldiers returning from combat and is characterized by nightmares, flashbacks, depression and hyper awareness or vigilance.

Upper Streetham

This is a fictional, typical English village in A Test of Wills.

Manor House

This is a...

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