A Test of Wills Character Descriptions

Caroline and Charles Todd
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Inspector Ian Rutledge

This character is a gifted investigator who is suffering the aftereffects of war and fears that a gift for solving crimes has disappeared.

Hamish McLeod

This character is a shell-shocked soldier who refuses to lead an attack on a machine gunner and must face the firing squad for those actions.

Superintendent Bowles

This character is a senior inspector at Scotland Yard who is jealous of a lower investigator who is of higher birth and exhibits superior investigative skills.

Colonel Charles Harris

This character is a soldier of great honor who is well loved by the people in the village where the character lives, but is known to have fought with both a ward and the ward's fiancee.

Inspector Forrest

This character is a small village constable who calls in Scotland Yard when a murder investigation points to a well-connected resident of his village.

Sergeant Davies

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