A Test of Wills Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Caroline and Charles Todd
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Chapters 1-2

• Colonel Harris is murdered by a shotgun blast to the face.

• Scotland Yard detective gives the Harris case to Ian Rutledge in hopes it will finish his declining reputation.

• Ian Rutledge is suffering from the effects of his service in World War I and hears the voice of his dead corporeal.
• Ian Rutledge begins the case by talking to Sergeant Davies who has been assigned to assist him.

• They discuss the key witness, Daniel Hickam, who is a drunk and who accuses Captain Mark Wilton of the crime.

• Captain Wilton is a friend of the Prince of Wales and engaged to Harris' ward, Lettice.
• Lettice Wood is interviewed. She is grief stricken and sedated and Ian Rutledge feels her behavior is off.

• The servants are interviewed. Rutledge and Davies learn that there was a fight between Harris and Wilton the night before the murder.

Chapters 3-4

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