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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Jeff begin to hang out in order to spend more time with Dicey?
(a) Grocery store
(b) Movies
(c) Music store
(d) Arcade

2. Jeff learns that Dicey also cut teacher Chapelle down to size. Which subject does Chapelle teach?
(a) Science
(b) History
(c) Math
(d) English

3. Who is sitting out on the lawn when Jeff arrives home, though he almost does not stop to talk to this person?
(a) Dicey
(b) Miss Opal
(c) Melody
(d) Brother Thomas

4. Melody says that she merely wants a ______________ from Jeff before she leaves on a trip.
(a) Hug
(b) Goodbye
(c) Kiss
(d) Promise

5. What is the reason for Dicey's anger, which quickly passes once she realizes what is happening?
(a) She was angry at someone else
(b) She was suprised
(c) She was busy
(d) She was tired

Short Answer Questions

1. The lawyer tells Jeff that Gambo had decided that the ______________ descendant should inherit her estate.

2. There is something about the girl Jeff meets that reminds him of his island in _______________.

3. Melody tells Jeff she knows he picked his father because he is the ____________________.

4. Jeff suggests that Melody keep the _____________ instead of selling it.

5. ____________ tells Jeff he worries he might be losing touch with Jeff again.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Brother Thomas and the Professor show up at the amusement park to see Jeff?

2. What does Jeff do during the last free period of the day during his sophomore year of high school?

3. What does the girl that stops to listen to Jeff do when she comes back to visit a second time?

4. Why does Jeff decide to stay instead of running away from Melody as she sits on the lawn?

5. What does Jeff realize about the Professor's expectations of him at school?

6. What was Phil's impression of Jeff's mother when she stopped in town to visit Jeff?

7. What does Jeff begin to realize the principal at his school and Melody did when he receives all As?

8. Why does Jeff suddenly feel that his life is rich at the start of this chapter?

9. Who are the two students that Jeff finds interesting at Chrisfeld school?

10. When Jeff is asked to write an essay about a real character for his English class, who does he write about?

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