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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jeff sees himself as Melody's _____________, faithful no matter what.
(a) Partner
(b) Knight
(c) Best son
(d) Husband

2. Jeff begins to read all that he can about _____________ in order to feel close to Melody.
(a) Women
(b) Massachusetts
(c) The South
(d) Herons

3. When Jeff and his mother stop at a house where two women are sitting, what are the women doing?
(a) Cooking a soup
(b) Painting
(c) Stuffing envelopes
(d) Typing

4. What is NOT one of the things that Jeff does when he is at the island?
(a) Collects trash
(b) Swims
(c) Runs along the dunes
(d) Watches the waves

5. Jeff, on the island, sees a world in which he is the only ______________ inhabitant.
(a) Human
(b) Male
(c) Selfless
(d) Real

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jeff find out that his mother left him and his father to go help other people?

2. What does Jeff's father give to Jeff for Christmas which is a touching gift to receive?

3. Where does Melody say she will be for the morning, though she would like to have lunch with him later?

4. What did Jeff realize he would miss as the night became darker and darker?

5. What did Jeff use to carry a bundle of food with him to the island?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jeff realize as night falls when he is on the island's land?

2. What are Jeff's first reactions to his mother when he sees her arrive at the airport in Charleston?

3. What does Brother Thomas do when Jeff reveals he has not eaten dinner or breakfast?

4. What happens after the Professor offers to buy Jeff a new guitar if he wants one?

5. What does Jeff do with the money he saves up from his weekly allowance he receives from his father?

6. What does the Professor give to Jeff for Christmas, which causes Jeff to cry?

7. Why are the two women at the house surprised to be introduced to Jeff by Melody?

8. What does Jeff, a second grader, find when he arrives home from school one early March day?

9. Who is waiting for Jeff at the train station when he arrives back home?

10. What does Jeff see as he lingers a bit on more on the island before returning to Baltimore?

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