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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Jeff see riding his bike during the icy rain, so he picks him up in his car?
(a) Sammy
(b) Phil
(c) James
(d) Andy

2. Jeff feels sorry for Melody who never knew what the real ____________ were, according to him.
(a) Prizes
(b) Herons
(c) Pictures
(d) Treasures

3. The lawyer that is coming to visit the Professor and Jeff is the lawyer of ______________.
(a) Miss Opal
(b) Gambo
(c) Max
(d) Melody

4. Brother Thomas tells Jeff that he will finally have to tell the Professor what he is ______________.
(a) Afraid of
(b) Carrying
(c) Feeling
(d) Hiding

5. Who is waiting for Jeff when he returns to the Baltimore airport this time?
(a) Brother Thomas
(b) No one
(c) The Professor
(d) Melody

6. Jeff finds the girl's ____________ appealing and he likes the way she is helpless to the music.
(a) Determination
(b) Voice
(c) Beauty
(d) Intelligence

7. Jeff tells the Professor that he is okay, but that __________ what he had done to Melody is the hardest part.
(a) Forgiving
(b) Accepting
(c) Understanding
(d) Believing

8. Where does Jeff begin to hang out in order to spend more time with Dicey?
(a) Music store
(b) Arcade
(c) Movies
(d) Grocery store

9. Sammy tells Jeff that Sammy's mother was more than just one _______________.
(a) Patient
(b) Mother
(c) Diagnosis
(d) Bad thing

10. Who is sitting out on the lawn when Jeff arrives home, though he almost does not stop to talk to this person?
(a) Melody
(b) Miss Opal
(c) Brother Thomas
(d) Dicey

11. ____________ tells Jeff he worries he might be losing touch with Jeff again.
(a) Brother Thomas
(b) Andy
(c) Phil
(d) The Professor

12. Jeff suggests that Melody keep the _____________ instead of selling it.
(a) Painting
(b) Jade ring
(c) Car
(d) Engagement ring

13. ___________ doesn't tell anyone how he feels as he doesn't think he deserves comfort or sympathy.
(a) Brother Thomas
(b) Jeff
(c) The Professor
(d) James

14. Melody says that she merely wants a ______________ from Jeff before she leaves on a trip.
(a) Kiss
(b) Goodbye
(c) Hug
(d) Promise

15. Who does Jeff write about for the essay in his English class, though his teacher mocks him?
(a) John C. Calhoun
(b) Melody
(c) John Adams
(d) The Professor

Short Answer Questions

1. Jeff realizes he would really treasure the ________________ as a connection to the past.

2. Which of Dicey's sisters is quiet, gentle, and has a beautiful singing voice?

3. Where did Dicey and her siblings travel from when their mother was put into a hospital?

4. What is the reason for Dicey's anger, which quickly passes once she realizes what is happening?

5. Phil tells Jeff it must be great to have a _____________ mother like Melody in his life.

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