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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. James tells Jeff that Dicey knows how to __________ and did it frequently on their trip after their mother was put in the hospital.
(a) Lie
(b) Run away
(c) Cry
(d) Be angry

2. Jeff feels that if he didn't keep all of his emotions hidden away, he would fall apart into ______________.
(a) A pile of feathers
(b) A quiet song
(c) Broken pieces
(d) A mess

3. When Dicey's ______________ dies, Jeff understands and he knows to leave her alone.
(a) Father
(b) Sister
(c) Brother
(d) Mother

4. Which of Dicey's sisters is quiet, gentle, and has a beautiful singing voice?
(a) Maybeth
(b) Mary
(c) Christine
(d) Annie

5. Melody says that she couldn't be happy knowing about the situation in ___________ and doing nothing.
(a) His heart
(b) Columbia
(c) Max's life
(d) The Professor's life

6. That summer, Jeff decides to set up a _____________ business with the Tillermans.
(a) Restaurant
(b) Crabbing
(c) Bar
(d) Boating

7. What does Jeff begin to do as it's the only thing which reminds him of the excitement he felt at the beach?
(a) Ride roller coasters
(b) Steal cars
(c) Shoplifts
(d) Play his guitar

8. What does Jeff decide to give to Miss Opal from his inheritance?
(a) The estate
(b) Stocks
(c) A book
(d) The ring

9. Jeff tells the Professor that he is okay, but that __________ what he had done to Melody is the hardest part.
(a) Understanding
(b) Forgiving
(c) Accepting
(d) Believing

10. Jeff finds the girl's ____________ appealing and he likes the way she is helpless to the music.
(a) Voice
(b) Intelligence
(c) Determination
(d) Beauty

11. Jeff tells the Professor that Melody had said she would have taken him with her had Jeff been _____________.
(a) Not like his father
(b) A baby
(c) A girl
(d) An older man

12. There is something about the girl Jeff meets that reminds him of his island in _______________.
(a) Maryland
(b) South Carolina
(c) Maine
(d) North Carolina

13. Who is waiting for Jeff when he returns to the Baltimore airport this time?
(a) The Professor
(b) Brother Thomas
(c) Melody
(d) No one

14. Who does Jeff see riding his bike during the icy rain, so he picks him up in his car?
(a) Sammy
(b) Andy
(c) James
(d) Phil

15. ____________ tells Jeff he worries he might be losing touch with Jeff again.
(a) Andy
(b) Brother Thomas
(c) Phil
(d) The Professor

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Jeff and the Professor decide to talk when they are ready to talk?

2. Jeff realizes he would really treasure the ________________ as a connection to the past.

3. The lawyer is surprised by the Professor, who ______________ had led to believe was difficult and bitter.

4. What is Jeff doing in the bay when he realizes that he has practiced not being anybody, though he wants to learn who he is?

5. Jeff suggests that Melody keep the _____________ instead of selling it.

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