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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jeff realizes that Dicey is as private and solitary in her grief as _____________.
(a) He is
(b) Melody
(c) Brother Thomas
(d) The Professor

2. All winter, Phil and Andy talk and worry about ________________, but Jeff avoids the subject.
(a) Grades
(b) Money
(c) Girls
(d) College

3. Where does Melody say she is going in order to help teach villagers?
(a) Africa
(b) Mexico
(c) Australia
(d) South America

4. Where does Jeff begin to hang out in order to spend more time with Dicey?
(a) Grocery store
(b) Arcade
(c) Music store
(d) Movies

5. Jeff realizes that ______________ is feeling bleak and hopeless during that summer.
(a) Dicey
(b) Brother Thomas
(c) James
(d) The Professor

6. James tells Jeff that Dicey knows how to __________ and did it frequently on their trip after their mother was put in the hospital.
(a) Be angry
(b) Cry
(c) Run away
(d) Lie

7. ____________ tells Jeff he worries he might be losing touch with Jeff again.
(a) The Professor
(b) Phil
(c) Andy
(d) Brother Thomas

8. Jeff feels that if he didn't keep all of his emotions hidden away, he would fall apart into ______________.
(a) A quiet song
(b) A pile of feathers
(c) Broken pieces
(d) A mess

9. Phil tells Jeff it must be great to have a _____________ mother like Melody in his life.
(a) Beautiful
(b) Angry
(c) Kind
(d) Loving

10. Jeff realizes that Melody and his principal at the University School tried to make him believe he wasn't ______________.
(a) Friendly
(b) Intelligent
(c) A hard worker
(d) Dumb

11. Melody tells Jeff she knows he picked his father because he is the ____________________.
(a) Rich and famous one
(b) Nice one
(c) Smart one
(d) Peaceful one

12. Jeff learns that Dicey also cut teacher Chapelle down to size. Which subject does Chapelle teach?
(a) History
(b) Math
(c) English
(d) Science

13. What did Jeff do in Charleston on his last day so that no one else could have it?
(a) Sank the boat
(b) Broke his guitar
(c) Hid his diary
(d) Burn the house

14. What is NOT one of the things Jeff does to protect the emotions he is feeling about Melody?
(a) Stops participating in school
(b) Stops loving Melody
(c) Stops playing guitar
(d) Stops talking to the Professor

15. Jeff decides to talk to Melody as he believes that she is his ______________.
(a) Mission
(b) Mother
(c) Only hope
(d) Responsibility

Short Answer Questions

1. ____________ doesn't try to get in touch with Jeff after the incident they shared.

2. The Professor reveals that Melody's ______________ hurt him repeatedly.

3. Jeff tells the Professor that Melody had said she would have taken him with her had Jeff been _____________.

4. Melody says that she merely wants a ______________ from Jeff before she leaves on a trip.

5. Where do Jeff and the Professor decide to talk when they are ready to talk?

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