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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Melody say she will be for the morning, though she would like to have lunch with him later?
(a) Her boyfriend's recording studio
(b) Darkroom
(c) Art gallery
(d) Movies

2. When the Professor retreats to his study after learning about Melody, what does he leave in the kitchen?
(a) His coffee
(b) A shoe
(c) His hat
(d) His briefcase

3. Jeff looks into the mirror and sees that he has his mother's ____________ eyes and this makes him feel better.
(a) Green
(b) Gray
(c) Black
(d) Blue

4. What does Jeff write to Gambo after he arrives back in town from his trip with his mother?
(a) A long letter
(b) Thank you note
(c) A story
(d) A poem

5. For what faith is Brother Thomas a brother in his order?
(a) Protestant
(b) Presbyterian
(c) Catholic
(d) Baptist

6. While discussing the possibility of a trip to _____________, Jeff learns about the financial troubles Melody left.
(a) Florida
(b) England
(c) Spain
(d) Germany

7. The boyfriend tells Jeff that Melody married the Professor because she was ______________.
(a) Lonely
(b) Single
(c) Desperate
(d) Pregnant

8. Jeff sees himself as Melody's _____________, faithful no matter what.
(a) Knight
(b) Best son
(c) Partner
(d) Husband

9. Melody takes Jeff into the city to show him how green and polluted the ______________ is.
(a) River
(b) Ground water
(c) Park
(d) Local factory

10. Jeff saw fishing boats off in the distance, though to him they looked like ___________.
(a) Seaweed
(b) Mirages
(c) Battleships
(d) Toys

11. What did Jeff find and put into his pocket to bring home with him?
(a) Ocean glass
(b) Green stone
(c) Sand dollar
(d) Seaweed

12. When the Professor takes Jeff to ________________, Jeff fears he will walk off down the beach and not return.
(a) Ocean Beach
(b) Hilton Head
(c) Panama City
(d) Daytona Beach

13. What did Jeff use to carry a bundle of food with him to the island?
(a) His backpack
(b) His guitar case
(c) A scarf
(d) A brown paper bag

14. The Professor talks to Jeff about how ____________ and helpless Melody made him feel when they were together.
(a) Happy
(b) Stupid
(c) Scared
(d) Pitied

15. The Professor admits that Melody was often ___________ with him - first by his inability to first buy a big engagement ring and then buy a house.
(a) Happy
(b) Angry
(c) Amused
(d) Disappointed

Short Answer Questions

1. Melody tells Jeff that _________________ have killed the crabs and the herons who used to live in the marshes.

2. What does Jeff decide to send to Melody for Christmas as he believes it is as perfect as his love for her?

3. Melody introduces Jeff to the two women as the ________________ even though they did not know of him.

4. When Jeff cries in his bed after Melody leaves again, he can't believe how easy he was to _____________.

5. When Melody comes to pick Jeff up, he is overwhelmed by her _____________, warmth and cheerfulness.

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