A Solitary Blue Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Jeff, a second grader, find when he arrives home from school one early March day?

Jeff finds a note from his mother Melody that tells him that she loves him and that she must leave him.

2. What is the reason that Melody gives to Jeff for leaving him and the Professor?

Melody tells Jeff that she must leave him and the Professor in order to help all the people who need her - orphans, animals, and hungry children.

3. Why does Jeff make himself stop crying when he is reading the letter from his mother, Melody?

Jeff makes himself stop crying when he reads the letter from his mother as he knows the Professor won't like the fact he's crying.

4. What is the picture Melody painted once that made Jeff wake up worried during the night?

Melody once painted a picture of a polluted and a deeply troubled world which made Jeff wake up troubled in the middle of the night.

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