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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. There is something about the girl Jeff meets that reminds him of his island in _______________.
(a) South Carolina
(b) Maine
(c) North Carolina
(d) Maryland

2. How does Jeff find out that his mother left him and his father to go help other people?
(a) He doesn't
(b) Phone call
(c) Email
(d) Note

3. Who comes for dinner the day after Christmas to eat with Jeff and the Professor?
(a) Brother Thomas
(b) Melody
(c) Dicey Tillerman
(d) Dr. Baker

4. Where did Dicey and her siblings travel from when their mother was put into a hospital?
(a) Delaware
(b) Maine
(c) Connecticut
(d) Massachusetts

5. Jeff learns that Dicey also cut teacher Chapelle down to size. Which subject does Chapelle teach?
(a) Science
(b) History
(c) English
(d) Math

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jeff agree to do with Melody as he feels connected to her when he is going what she wants?

2. What does the girl do when she returns a week later after running away from Jeff and his guitar?

3. ____________ enjoys watching the herons and playing the guitar, content finally in his solitude.

4. Who is Melody's boyfriend who comes along to help pick up Jeff at the airport?

5. ____________ used to tell Jeff that the Professor wasn't much of a father, which makes Jeff upset.

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