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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jeff rejects the Professor's offer to buy him _____________ as he wants that link to be Melody's alone.
(a) Guitar lessons
(b) A plane ticket
(c) A bus ticket
(d) A car

2. What does Jeff agree to do with Melody as he feels connected to her when he is going what she wants?
(a) Walk
(b) Bike
(c) Paint her nails
(d) Drink

3. After being at the beach, Jeff feels ___________ and at home, as if he had just woken from a deep, long sleep.
(a) Healed
(b) Strong
(c) Broken
(d) New

4. When does Jeff sit outside the school and play guitar in order to work on some songs?
(a) He doesn't
(b) Last free period
(c) Lunch hour
(d) First free period

5. When Melody does arrive at the airport, he is immediately stunned by her ____________ once more.
(a) Beauty
(b) Long hair
(c) Haggard appearance
(d) Thinness

Short Answer Questions

1. Jeff learns that Dicey also cut teacher Chapelle down to size. Which subject does Chapelle teach?

2. Who does Jeff write about for the essay in his English class, though his teacher mocks him?

3. That summer, Jeff decides to set up a _____________ business with the Tillermans.

4. Who is the girl that Jeff meets when he is playing his guitar, though she leaves abruptly the first time?

5. What does Jeff begin to do as it's the only thing which reminds him of the excitement he felt at the beach?

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