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The University School

This is Jeff's school from first grade. The school is free for the children of university professors, although some children's parents pay for them to attend.

Charleston, South Carolina

This city is Melody's hometown and it seems a place of wonder, mystery and ancientness to Jeff on his first visit.

Gambo's House

This item stands in sharp contrast to Jeff and the Professor's dark, small Baltimore apartment.

The Martin

This is the beautiful old guitar that the Professor gives Jeff for Christmas when Jeff is twelve.

Gambo's Diamond Engagement Ring

This is what Melody covets her whole life, but Gambo leaves to Jeff in her will. It is worth twenty thousand dollars.

Gambo's Jade Heirloom Ring

This is a large jewelry piece. It has been in Gambo's family for many generations.

The Island in Charleston

Jeff discovers this place on his boat during the long...

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