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A Solitary Blue Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

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Essay Topics

Jeff is a character who is eager to please his parents, no matter what they might do to him.

Part 1: Why does Jeff feel he always needs to please his parents?

Part 2: Do you think Jeff should always try to make his parents happy? Why or why not?

Part 3: What is the importance of Jeff's efforts to please his parents?

Throughout life, people make decisions based on the reactions of others. Jeff does this often in accordance to his parents and with whom he is living.

Part 1: Why does Jeff favor his mother at the starting point of this story?

Part 2: Why does Jeff change his mind about his mother at one point of the story?

Part 3: Which parent does Jeff seem to love more? Why?

The complexity of the relationships in this story mirror so many other families in the world.

Part 1: Why do you think the...

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