A Solitary Blue Character Descriptions

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Jefferson Greene - This character is the novel's protagonist. The novel begins when he is seven-and-a-half years old, and in the second grade, and ends when he is eighteen, and about to graduate from high school.

The Professor - This character is tall and slim with straight white hair and eyebrows, and big, square glasses.

Brother Thomas - This character a Catholic brother who teaches theology at the university.

Jackson, Tony, Andrew, Ian - These are college students paid to move in and mind the main character and clean the house when the main character is in second, third, fourth and fifth grade.

Dr. Baker - This character is a pediatrician who takes care of the main character when he has bronchial pneumonia, and counsels the main character after he suffers his breakdown.

Gambo - This character suffers a stroke between the main character's first and second...

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