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Short Answer Questions

1. What bird is only found only in the sand counties?

2. What is on top of the White Mountain?

3. When too many people want the same trophies, what component of the trophy does this mass use problem decrease?

4. According to the narrator, what is sportsmanship aimed at getting rid of?

5. What flower does the narrator describe as blooming in the sand?

Short Essay Questions

1. The narrator compares puccoons to what other plant and why?

2. The narrator states that State College is more concerned with beauty and ease than with what?

3. According to the narrator, what are two problems that humans face with regards to the wilderness?

4. What are the three different values listed by the narrator that people have when it comes to nature?

5. Why does the State College want farmers to plant Chinese elms rather than cottonwoods?

6. Why does the narrator say that nobody knows all the terrain on top of the White Mountain?

7. How does the narrator believe conservation is taught?

8. The narrator says that he thinks getting rid of the wolves means more deer, but this isn't the case in the long run. Why?

9. Why are public policies involved with outdoor recreation controversial?

10. What is the best way to manage national parks according to the narrator?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Leopold's land ethic. Be sure to include a discussion of the following: ethics in general, what the land ethic is, the reason why he developes this ethic, the premises behind the land ethic, and the implications of the land ethic for people.

Essay Topic 2

There are numerous examples of anthropomorphism in the book. Explain what this term means. Give at least five examples of how the author uses it. Discuss why he uses this technique.

Essay Topic 3

Leopold uses specific plants and animals. Give at least five examples of specific plants and animals. Describe them and how he uses them. Explain why he uses them and not others.

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