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Short Answer Questions

1. People tend to ignore song birds that do what?

2. What do people follow, since there is so little going on in nature in January?

3. What kind of seedlings does the narrator describe?

4. What is silphium?

5. Why do humans begin to destroy the plover?

Short Essay Questions

1. What conclusion does the narrator come to with respect to the lone goose?

2. What does the narrator consider special about the woodcock?

3. How does the meadow mouse live in the winter?

4. What does the narrator believe are the three commandments of the chickadees?

5. What is the most basic principle of ecology according to the narrator?

6. Where do tamaracks grow?

7. Why does the narrator say that most paintings become famous?

8. What happens when the narrator cuts down the oak tree?

9. Why does a person not return for a second viewing of the "painting" that the author likes to view?

10. How does the bur oak survive the prairie fires?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Leopold describes his travels to some specific areas. Choose one of these. Describe the area that is involved and what the environment is. Why does Leopold include this specific area? How does this relate to his land ethic?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Leopold's view of wilderness recreation. How does this fit with his land ethic? What is the value of this type of recreation to people? What are his five components of the recreational process?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Leopold's view of land health. What is his concept of land? What does he mean by land health? What are the competing views of land health amongst conservation scientists? Do we achieve land health? How?

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