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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15, Arizona and New Mexico.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the narrator, who are his tenants?
(a) Those who rent his land.
(b) His family who lives there.
(c) The animals who live there.
(d) Those who visit him.

2. In June, the robin starts singing in the early morning, but in autumn, when does the robin sing?
(a) In the evening.
(b) The robin is silent.
(c) In mid morning.
(d) In the afternoon.

3. Where do the narrator and his friends wait out the storm?
(a) Outside under the house.
(b) In the forest.
(c) Inside.
(d) In the garage.

4. What governmental district does the bus pass through?
(a) Iowa County Conservation District.
(b) Red River Soil Conservation District.
(c) State Conservation District.
(d) Green River Soil Conservation District.

5. In the morning sunlight, the painting is sprayed with what?
(a) An overlay of blue.
(b) A clear color.
(c) Dew.
(d) Nothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator talks about the geese's inevitable flight to where?

2. How long do the blackberry bushes glow red?

3. What animal do the cured oak leaves feed?

4. What is silphium?

5. According to the narrator, too much safety in our lives means what in the long run?

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