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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jay tell his father and brother about Mack?
(a) He is leaving the mine.
(b) He was wounded in a blast.
(c) He is a trouble maker.
(d) He is very ill.

2. Why is Lennox upset about Mack?
(a) Mack is making deals directly with the shippers.
(b) Mack has bailed on a business deal.
(c) Mack won't repay a gambling debt.
(d) Mack wants to divorce his sister.

3. Why is Mack going to Edinburgh?
(a) To buy a wedding ring.
(b) To buy cattle.
(c) To board a ship.
(d) To have a holiday.

4. Who is the lawyer whom Mack sees in London?
(a) Edward Spence.
(b) Philip Maguire.
(c) Clayton Hall.
(d) Caspar Gordonson.

5. Why does Sir George Jamisson want Robert to marry Lizzie?
(a) Her family pedigree is fit for his son.
(b) She will be easily taught how to run the business.
(c) The Hallim estate is rich in coal.
(d) She is the most beautiful girl in the county.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who kicks the gun from Jay's hands during the hunt?

2. What is the last name of the person with whom Mack lives?

3. What surprising news does Lizzie tell Mack?

4. According to the law, if a man over twenty-one works in the mine for ________________, he becomes the property of the owner.

5. What is Mack doing at the beginning of Chapter 13?

Short Essay Questions

1. What deal does Lady Alicia try to strike with her husband regarding Jay and his management of the coal on the Hallim land?

2. What does Lady Alicia feel about Jay's decision to marry, and what does she want her husband to give Jay as a gift?

3. What is Lady Hallim's advice regarding Jay's growing interest in Lizzie?

4. Which one of the Jamisson sons does Lizzie agree to marry and why?

5. What are Mack's plans for leaving Scotland?

6. Why does Lizzie call off the wedding?

7. What is the year-and-a-day law?

8. How is Mack McAsh introduced in the story?

9. How does Lizzie learn about Mack's upcoming prize fight?

10. What makes Lizzie change her mind about going through with the wedding?

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