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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 35-37.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Companies will no longer hire Mack because _____________________.
(a) He is always late.
(b) He is Catholic.
(c) He is a troublemaker.
(d) He is lazy.

2. Which Jamisson boy do the Jamissons hope Lizzie will marry?
(a) Philip.
(b) Charles.
(c) Edward.
(d) Robert.

3. Who takes charge of the household staff after the death of Lizzie's baby?
(a) Annie.
(b) Jane.
(c) Cora.
(d) Mack.

4. Why is Mack so popular among the workers?
(a) He knows how to tell a good joke.
(b) He buys drinks for everyone.
(c) He sets up a charity for unemployed men.
(d) He gets higher wages for them.

5. What is the name of the ship transporting the prisoners to the colonies?
(a) Voyager.
(b) Rosebud.
(c) Highlander.
(d) Servitude.

Short Answer Questions

1. Workers in the colonies have to work for whomever buys them for a period of ___________________.

2. Why is Jay in hot pursuit of Lizzie?

3. Who thwarts Lizzie's party?

4. Who buys Mack and Dermot a drink for rescuing the girl?

5. Where is Mack taken after he is captured?

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