A Place Called Freedom Character Descriptions

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Malachi McAsh

He began working in the mines at the age of seven and consulted a lawyer to learn the rights of the miners, an act which brings him into conflict with the mine owner.

Lizzie Hallim

She is outspoken and very independent and does not marry the man her mother favors for her.

James Jamisson

He has affairs with slave girls in Virginia and is ultimately killed by Indians.

Cora Higgins

She is a London prostitute who marries a tobacco broker in Virginia.

Sidney Lennox

Sidney Lennox is a tavern owner and undertaker in London who is sentenced to Virginia where he is ultimately killed by Indians.

Peg Knapp

She is a young girl who robs men in London, and she is eventually sold to a farmer whom she kills when he tries to rape her.

Alicia Jamisson

She is always fighting for her slighted son, and...

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