A Monster Calls Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Patrick Ness
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1. What time do monsters show up?

Just after midnight.

2. On page 1, how often has Conor been having The Nightmare?

A lot.

3. On page 1, what time is it when Conor looks at his clock?


4. How old is Conor?


5. What month is it on page 3?


6. Where does Conor's father live?


7. What type of tree rises from the graveyard that Conor can see from his bedroom window?


8. On page 8, what does the monster's breath smell like?


9. What does Conor have for breakfast on page 10?

Toast, cereal, and juice.

10. When Conor got up in the morning after the first nightmare the readers witness, what was on the floor of his room?

Yew leaves.

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