Objects & Places from A Monster Calls

Patrick Ness
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Yew Tree

This is a plant that lives a long time and is very useful for its healing properties.


This symbolizes when Conor’s mother will lose her struggle with cancer, and Conor destroys a device that tracks this in an effort to keep his mother with him longer.


This is something that Conor struggles with and is a barrier created by his mother’s illness that separates him from friends and family.


This represents Conor’s need to be punished for his thoughts about wanting his mother’s struggle to be over.


This is something that wakes Conor frequently, and it symbolizes the fear that Conor has that he is responsible for his mother’s cancer.


This is something that happens because of anger and is used as a way to release anger.

Adult Weakness

The grownups in Conor’s life...

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