A Monster Calls Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Patrick Ness
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Essay Topic 1

One of Conor’s assignments for school is to write about his life for English class. What stories can Conor think of from his life, and why does not want to share his stories with anyone else?

Essay Topic 2

A monster appears to Conor in his backyard, but Conor is not afraid of him. Why is Conor not afraid of the monster or afraid to talk back to the monster?

Essay Topic 3

The monster tells Conor that he has come because Conor called him. What does Conor think is the purpose for the monster coming, and why is Conor disappointed when he learns the real purpose for the monster’s visits?

Essay Topic 4

Conor thinks that the stories the monster tells are like fairy tales. Are the stories fairy tales? Why are they or are they not fairy tales?

Essay Topic 5

Conor feels isolated and alone...

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