A Monster Calls Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Patrick Ness
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• In the chapter “A Monster Calls,” Conor wakes from a nightmare that he has frequently.

• It is 12:07 p.m. and Conor has to keep his nightmare a secret from everyone—his mother, his grandmother, and kids at school.

• He hears someone calling his name, but he does not recognize the voice.

• He goes to the window and looks out at the graveyard beyond his home and the large yew tree in the center of the cemetery.

• As Conor watches, the yew tree moves and becomes a monster.

• Conor is not afraid of this monster, and he tells it that he is not afraid.

• In the chapter “Breakfast,”Conor’s mother is not up and he fixes his own breakfast.

• He still thinks the yew tree that became a monster is another dream, but he is not sure how to explain all the yew tree leaves that...

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