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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Tony meet his traveling companion?
(a) The Greville Club.
(b) The London Museum.
(c) At a party at Jock's home.
(d) The theater.

2. Where is Jenny going?
(a) To Wales.
(b) To France.
(c) To the theater.
(d) To Polly Cockpurse's where Brenda is.

3. Who is Rosa?
(a) Dr. Messinger's wife.
(b) An elder in an Indian village.
(c) A Spanish woman Tony meet on the boat over to the Carribean.
(d) A captured Spanish woman who now lives at the Indian village.

4. What is hard for Tony?
(a) Finding a topic for conversation with Milly.
(b) Not actually having sex with Milly, who is quite attractive.
(c) Knowing that Brenda is being unfaithful, only willingly.
(d) Seeing the way Winnie is abused.

5. What letter does Tony receive from Brenda on Monday?
(a) A accusation for not taking better care of John Andrew.
(b) A suicide letter.
(c) A confession and a request for ending the marriage.
(d) A plea for reconciliation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tony slip to the man who visits the camp?

2. How does Tony feel during his travels upstream in a small boat.

3. Who nurses Tony back to health?

4. About what does Mr. Todd become evasive?

5. Where is Milly going to meet Tony?

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