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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Tony engage to start the divorce proceedings?
(a) His family's loyal retainer.
(b) No one; he's going to take care of it himself.
(c) His brother-in-law.
(d) Some seedy lawyers.

2. What does Brenda ask about Tony's trip?
(a) If it is safe.
(b) Nothing.
(c) If it is going to take six months for sure.
(d) If it will be profitable.

3. Why does Jock apologize?
(a) For not helping John Andrew control his horse.
(b) For knowing about Brenda and John and not saying anything to Tony.
(c) For leaving Mrs. Rafferty at Hetton for a few days.
(d) For introducing Brenda and John initially.

4. How does Jenny interpret John's death?
(a) As a result of a curse Jenny carries.
(b) As an omen of bad things still to come.
(c) As a tragedy to just Tony.
(d) As the only way Brenda will come to her senses.

5. What does Messinger decide to do?
(a) Desert Tony.
(b) Start a large fire to try to find someone.
(c) Give Tony a merciful death.
(d) Leave Tony on the shore and go for help.

6. Where is Tony and Messinger's second base camp?
(a) Deep into Pie-Wie territory.
(b) Near a huge waterfall.
(c) Near the mouth of the Wausau River.
(d) At the border of the Pie-Wie country.

7. What do Tony and Messinger do?
(a) Turn back.
(b) Give up.
(c) Beat each other up in a quarrel.
(d) Travel downstream alone.

8. How is Tony doing in the wake of Brenda's request to end their marriage?
(a) He is having a hard time.
(b) He believes she will change her mind, so is not thinking about it.
(c) He is very angry and is contemplating killing her.
(d) He is relieved it is finally over.

9. What happens when Tony and Messinger awaken?
(a) They are surrounded by Pie Wie.
(b) They hear a shaman chanting.
(c) It is raining heavily.
(d) They find the Macushi have stripped the camp and run.

10. Who is Rosa?
(a) A captured Spanish woman who now lives at the Indian village.
(b) Dr. Messinger's wife.
(c) An elder in an Indian village.
(d) A Spanish woman Tony meet on the boat over to the Carribean.

11. What does Rosa say when Tony talks to her about going further on?
(a) Maybe if the rest of their group arrives.
(b) It will cost many more cigarettes.
(c) Her tribe does not go into Pie-Wie lands.
(d) They will but it will be very dangerous.

12. What is Brenda trying to get?
(a) Money from Mrs. Beave.
(b) Money from Reggie.
(c) Money out of Tony's estate.
(d) Money from John Beaver.

13. Who is Tony's new partner?
(a) Dr. Upland.
(b) Dr. Mezmerizer.
(c) Dr. Messinger.
(d) Jock.

14. With whom does Tony stay for a few weeks?
(a) Jock.
(b) His sister.
(c) Allan.
(d) No one.

15. To what sound does Tony awaken?
(a) To native drums.
(b) To Messinger treating a wound from a vampire bat.
(c) To the snarl of a leopard.
(d) To screams from the camp guides.

Short Answer Questions

1. What surprises Tony?

2. What is hard for Tony?

3. Who ends up going with Dr. Messinger and Tony?

4. What is wrong with Tony?

5. How much is Brenda now requesting as a settlement?

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