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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Messinger decide to do?
(a) Desert Tony.
(b) Leave Tony on the shore and go for help.
(c) Give Tony a merciful death.
(d) Start a large fire to try to find someone.

2. Why is Jock appalled at Brenda's response?
(a) Because Brenda seems relieved that it is her son John Andrew who is dead, not John Beaver.
(b) Because Brenda blames Tony.
(c) Because Brenda says that it serves Tony right.
(d) Because Brenda doesn't seem at all affected.

3. How is Tony?
(a) He is still weak, but is looking for Messinger.
(b) He is hallucinating.
(c) He is better and starting the hike back.
(d) The Pie Wie tribe is caring for him.

4. Where is Tony and Messinger's second base camp?
(a) Near a huge waterfall.
(b) Deep into Pie-Wie territory.
(c) Near the mouth of the Wausau River.
(d) At the border of the Pie-Wie country.

5. How is Tony doing in the wake of Brenda's request to end their marriage?
(a) He is very angry and is contemplating killing her.
(b) He believes she will change her mind, so is not thinking about it.
(c) He is having a hard time.
(d) He is relieved it is finally over.

6. What does Messinger hope to find now?
(a) A way back to the Macushi.
(b) The Pie Wie tribe.
(c) Medical help for Tony.
(d) The city of gold.

7. Who nurses Tony back to health?
(a) The Pie Wie tribe.
(b) Dr. Messinger.
(c) Mr. Todd.
(d) No one; he recovers on his own.

8. What are the legal ramifications of John Andrew's death?
(a) The court rules negligence on Tony's part for allowing such a young boy to ride the hunt.
(b) The court rules Brenda as negligent.
(c) There are no legal ramifications as it was obviously an accident so no investigation is necessary.
(d) The court rules it an accident.

9. About what does Mr. Todd become evasive?
(a) Who Mr. Todd really is.
(b) How Messinger dies.
(c) Helping Tony leave.
(d) Why he is there.

10. What does Tony decide?
(a) To give her the increased amount.
(b) To go away for six months.
(c) To kill Brenda.
(d) To kill himself.

11. What do Tony and Messinger do?
(a) Beat each other up in a quarrel.
(b) Travel downstream alone.
(c) Give up.
(d) Turn back.

12. Where does Messinger want to go?
(a) To South America.
(b) To Florida.
(c) To the land of the Pie-Wie tribe.
(d) To Port au Prince.

13. Who is Tony's new partner?
(a) Dr. Upland.
(b) Dr. Messinger.
(c) Jock.
(d) Dr. Mezmerizer.

14. What is Brenda trying to get?
(a) Money from Mrs. Beave.
(b) Money out of Tony's estate.
(c) Money from Reggie.
(d) Money from John Beaver.

15. Where is Milly going to meet Tony?
(a) In Paris.
(b) In Amsterdam.
(c) In New York.
(d) At a place called Victoria.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Tony have to prove his infidelity?

2. What does Brenda ask about Tony's trip?

3. Who calls a family meeting of Brenda's family?

4. About what do the detectives warn Tony?

5. How does Tony feel during his travels upstream in a small boat.

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